Friday, January 19, 2007


Muahaahahahahaha! (Devil laugh)

So, I guess I've given up trying to update my blog regularly. Too many things to do! Books to read, shows to see, DVDs to see, games to play and then there's work.

I haven't put up any of my 'Current Updates' too. I can still do it but what's the point.

I'm using the beta blogger but so what *sigh*

I still haven't installed any of my 'smiley' program since I got the new PC *sigh*

There were so many things I could blog about: The Amazing Race, Amazing Race Asia! And now American Idol has started again *sigh*

But I will prevail. This blog will not go anywhere (unless blogspot decided it's not worth it and delete it in time.)

Until that happens 'Kampung Gal in the City' is not going anywhere *fingers crossed*