Friday, December 31, 2004

The joke's on you kid

My horoscope for today reads
Many Goats will be feeling like bears with a sore head, in need of some long-term hibernation from the social whirl. Not tonight though - there's important connections to be made!
I don't know about the bear part but after 2 days caught in bad traffic, I really feel like not going anywhere at all this weekend. I want to spend my two-day weekend sitting at home as quiet as a mouse.

This was suppose to be last weekend's plan but didn't quite workout. A part time worker that was suppose to come in on Christmas suddenly call in sick and the key to the shop was with her. I wanted to keep the shop close since I don't think anyone will be coming. But I remembered that a customer mentioned that she wants to come in that day to look at the books that she asked about . I guess someone has to be there. So I went there at 10AM to open the door and I prepared myself for 7 hours of boredom. I already planned out what I was going to do to pass the time. I can let the other part timer watch over the counter while I can use the computer in the back office to play around with my blog and read other ppl's blogs. That sounds like a nice plan, didn't know whether it's enough to pass 7 hours but it'll do.

At around 10:45 my part timer suddenly said, "I got a friend who can work and she's here already." "But you don't have the key. How are you going to lock up?" The girl that didn't turn up got the spare key. I suddenly remembered that we have a bunch of keys in one of the drawers and I started testing out. I managed to find the key to one of the locks. Never mind, we can still survive on that. I'm going home!

However, that weekend was not as quiet as I want it to be. My aunt from Ipoh was here with her son. My sister let her sons have a sleep-over at my house (the boys made the 'request' after finding out my brother has his own PS2). So I couldn't get a fully, truly, totally quiet hibernation that I was craving for. Hopefully this weekend will be the time but suddenly this horoscope come up.

If only it were to specify what kind of connection it is - business connection? love connection? Why bother. Is it possible that each and every person who was born between 22 December and 21 January is going to 'connect' with something today? I don't think so. Maybe 5% of us Capricorns will make a siginificant connection but the rest are more likely to connect to a power plug as far as I'm concern. Or maybe we're suppose to take out some old puzzle books and connect the dots instead - that's 'important' too, right?

Oh yeah, the customer who said she's coming on Christmas -- didn't come .

So nice.. Part 2

I thought my 28th birthday would be uneventful but it wasn't. My friend, R came over from Malacca to take her Japanese friend around KL. We haven't seen each other for quite some time. She does come to KL (her sister is here) but never got around to see me. Finally, on my birthday we get to meet.

At first I thought we were just going to go out for dinner but Ms Japan was tired (I guess so, they've been to CM, Petaling Street and Ampang Point by 6 PM) and wanted to go home. So I will join them at her sister's apt instead where we'll be having satay.

I need to go to Times KLCC first to use my birthday voucher. I was caught in a jam when I got out at about 6:50PM. I finally reached the apt around 8:15PM, tired and hungry. In no time I was picking up the satay sticks.

Ms Japan gave me the best present this year. It was a gold bookmark depicting a famous Japan authoress (I forgot to ask who she actually was). I think R told her that I like to read and I collect bookmarks. It was really nice. I wish I have a digicam so that I can post a picture here.

R's other 2 sisters got back and gave another present, Famous Amos cookies in a heart-shaped tin which was quite a surprise. I didn't expect her family will be giving me presents as well and I can't even remember their names . R gave me a bracelet and her sister (the one who owns the apt, I do know the name of this one) gave me a coin purse. They also got me a cake. All in all this year's birthday was nice and sweet.

But the night was almost spoiled when my mother called asking me where I was and when I'm coming home. It was 8:30 and I just got there. She told me that my uncle is sick (he's been sick for quite some time now). I didn't know what she wants me to do. She got a car and my father's home. Did she want me to go with her? How can she wait for me to get home before going to his house? She finally said never mind. When I did get back, my parents were home. Aparently, my uncle had a nervous breakdown because he's out of sleeping pills. Her daughter called my mum later to say that everything's ok.

Thursday, December 30, 2004

Current update - 30/12/04

Ok... I have decided to give myself a monthly update. What's going on in my life at that time, what I was doing, any big plans coming up, things like that. Sort of like the update I gave on an earlier blog just more formalized. I have also decided to choose the 30th of every month so that I can see how I'm really getting along through life on a monthly basis, you know like when I was 28 yrs 1 mth I was bla bla bla, 28 yrs 2 mths bla bla bla, 30 yrs 11 mths bla bla bla. That sort of thing just to keep track what I'm really doing with the time given to me on this earth.

So, let's get rolling....

(still) Reading: The Pickwick Papers by Charles Dickens
CD: U2 - How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb
Favorite song: In the City of Blinding Lights by U2
Playing: Emperor

*No. of ppl asking if I have a boyfriend: 1
*No. of ppl asking when I will get married: 4
*No. of ppl asking when I will have kids: 1
* Since I started this blog of course. I've been getting these questions lots of times before but you can't honestly believe I would count them, right? I just thought of this lately. It's interesting to know the average number of times a single girl at a marriageable age get that million dollar question. I hope other single bloggers would do the same. Maybe we can write a thesis on it!

Other news:
1. Went for an interview for a post at another bookshop. No news yet.
2. 7 Dec - Started blogging.
3. 28 Dec - My 13-year old nephew was diagnosed with dengue and hospitalized. Just got out of the hospital this evening.

So, as you can see I didn't do anything much which means I need to re-evaluate my life.

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Second wave

Ok maybe I spoke too soon. I suddenly remembered I knew someone in Penang and he's been very quiet in my yahoogroup. No e-mails from him since the incident. We went to the same university but I don't know him that well. Not well enough to try and call him myself. Hopefully those who do know him well will post some news soon.

More things I've learned from this event: -
  • It is very quick and easy to set up charity funds.
  • Big companies would give big money for charity if it comes with big publicity. (I don't see them giving 1 million bucks for little miss Ah May who needs a heart trasplant)
  • The media can be very creative with headlines, drum-roll please... Trajedi 26 Disember... Waves of Death... Malapetaka Tsunami...
  • Out of the most horrible destruction comes many amateur photographers and film-makers.
  • The worst thing that could happen to you are: losing five children at one time, losing all your best friends at one time, not knowing what happen to your significant other, to survive to only discover you're the only one who did.

I bet you, in a few months time, someone will come up with a vcd showcasing this event. Just imagine what the title would be...

Koleksi Gambaran Dramatik Malapetaka Tsunami 26 Disember

as known as

Collection of Dramatic Visuals of 26th December's Waves of Death

Again, I apologize if I'm being cold-hearted. With all the condolonces and prayers flooding throughout the mass and electronic media I just felt like looking at this from a cynic point of view. However, I will say this if just to be politically correct -- I pray that we will all recover and try to see the brighter side of things. The quake could have come from the eastern part of Sumatera. Just imagine how big the 'Waves of Death' would be then.

Ok... ok... I still have my cynic hat on. Let's take that off.

My prayers go out to all victims of the quake and their family members. I hope that all the missing are found. It is important to hold our faith for the higher power, whoever it might be to you, and find solace that everything happen for a reason.

"Believe in qada' and qadar"

Tuesday, December 28, 2004


I don't want to be the person to jump on the bandwagon, but I gotta say something about the recent event that landed at our shores (no pun intended).

This morning I was listening to and they were talking about their birthday bash that's coming up at Redang. They were asking for some feedbacks on whether they should move the venue or not which I understand, they were concern about safety. But what they get are calls asking them to cancel the event to respect the dead. It's confirmed then. Malaysians are over-sensitive people.

I don't know if these ppl who called were really sincere or they just want to show how compassionate and sensitive they are. You know how some ppl are so desperate to present themselves as politically correct that they would just say the right thing at the right time but not really believing in it. Kind of like beauty pageants contestants (I want world peace). Honestly for me, I wouldn't cancel the event and I wouldn't change the venue. Pulau Redang is on the east coast and it's protected by the Peninsula, no aftershocks will reach there. So if anything were to happen to Redang, the ppl in KL will be gone first.

Yes, I may seem a bit cold-hearted here but you got to face the truth. It was a terrible tragedy and I am lucky no one I knew was affected but life must go on. I'm glad that my identity is not clear on this blog. I'm afraid that the over-sensitive citizens would find me and kill me. HA HA HA I know they wouldn't. Ha ha ha he he... he.... would they?

Also this morning I took a few minutes to watch the news and apparently the 'Weatherman Association of the World Police' (i.e. USA) said that millions of ppl could be saved if the proper warning system were used. Yeah right! NOW you tell us. Apparently they have been using the system since 1965 and that they were very very expensive (i.e. they're the only one in the world who can afford it).

Anyway, there are a few things I learn on the wake of this event
  1. Ppl would help other ppl no matter where you come from (Latest update Mercy Msia and Japan send ppl already)
  2. A devastated mother in Indonesia looks exactly the same as a devastated mother in India.
  3. If you are in a high rise and you felt tremors, get the ppl off the beach!

Monday, December 27, 2004

Please remember

Please say a little prayer for them Posted by Hello

Siti Syazwani Ahmad Dasuki 9, died 21 December 2004
Found in a 2-metre deep drain. Was on her way back from Quran class.

Nurul Huda Ghani 10, died 17 January 2004
Found in the nude in a TNB house. Was on her way back from a store. I remember the TNB house was about 100 metres away from her house.

Haserawati Saridi 9, died 8 January 2004
Raped and killed. Was on her way back from school.

Siti Nadirah Budah 5, died 5 July 2001
Her naked body was found in the mud buried under two pieces of wood. Was on her way back from Quran class.

Nurul Hanis 17, died 3 July 2001
Raped and sodomised before she was strangled. Was on her back from school.

These are only a few cases that Hassan Mohd Noor of Utusan Malaysia presented. There are more cases out there that we must remember. Unfortunately I'm sure that these won't be the last.

All you parents, grandparents, guardians, aunts, uncles, anyone who know a little girl, watch over them like a hawk! They'll be mad at you now but they'll thank you later.

Washing my mouth (or hands??)

I realized that I used the f-word in my previous blogs. Let me set the record straight.

I never ever use the word ever either verbally or in writing. I think of all the cuss words the f-word is the crudest of all and I never liked using it. I wouldn't even use it while talking to myself and I wouldn't use it to even describe the act (I just might use fornicating). The only time that I would use it is if to quote someone.

I don't know why I used it in my blog. Maybe it's just that it was the closest thing to describe the way I felt at that time (I was that annoyed ok). I promise (to myself mostly) I'll never use that word again.

Saturday, December 25, 2004

It's a wonderful life

Isn't it wonderful when you have full day's rest and suddenly discovered that you have another day's rest? Ahhh....

Friday, December 24, 2004

Reality show from hell

I had a funny yet scary dream last night. I was a contestant in a reality show.

This time I have to survive the holiday camp from hell. The rule is you must survive (i.e. stay alive) the camp while solving a clue to get to the next round. The one that I was in was swarmed with poisonous snakes. It's funny because I could swear the camp was at my grandparent's house at that time. It turns out we all ran to the power house across the street because the snakes don't like the magnetic field surrounding it (??? is that even true???). Anyway, it was quite scary, I didn't sleep that well last night.

This is f***ing insane. Producers must stop churning out all these crappy reality shows. And they have so many quirky names for them. I found out that now they have The Search for the Ultimate Male Model. I guess it was just to beat America's Next Top Model. I bet you they were thinking, "Hey, if we can't beat them in terms of ratings, maybe we can beat them in having the longest title for a reality show award".

Star World is currently showing My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance. That poor girl. She was crying on the first show. I hope Nia Vardalos would sue them for using her title.

I discovered this show, The Swan while looking for updates on For Love or Money couples (For all you suckers out there, Rachel and Caleb broke up! Ha ha she might as well take the money) Back to The Swan. This is one of those extreme reality show where the contestants are down-and-out women wanting to feel better about themselves. They will undergo training in beauty, poise, fitness, diet and provided a therapist to work on their self-esteem. In addition they will also get their face and body worked on courtesy of the show. Yep, they will get free plastic surgery with one catch, they won't be able to see themselves the whole 4 weeks. You got to see their before and after pictures for yourself. I swear to you they all turn out looking like drag queens. Honestly, I thought some of them contestants are pretty enough. They just need some make-up. For all the jerks that say they're not worthy should go to hell themselves.

I may have got this dream because I was bombarded with so many reality show ads yesterday. First I watched Amazing Race (no negative comments here I think this is the smartest reality show around. It's just the participants who are stupid). Then there's the ad for (drum roll please) The Search for the Ultimate Male Model which is constantly playing. Later on I saw this show with the tagline "What will the judges say?" I don't know what the hell that one's about and I don't care. But I will care when they began to invade my dreams, goddammit!

I know there's a lot more crazy, stupid shows that are much worse than this but we all have to get over this fixation on living through someone else's experience. I think it's a form of voyeurism. There's a market for this so they create them. To date the only reality show that I follow religously is The Amazing Race and I watch The Apprentice from time to time. I don't follow Survivor anymore and I catch For Love or Money's final episode only. Does that make me a better person? I sure hope so.

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Interview with the Manager

The interview went well, I think. Same ol' same ol'... Why I'm leaving my current job, why the sudden change of industry (from bank to bookstore), do I mind working extra hours, how low can I go in terms of salary (which I suddenly remembered I didn't state in the interview, duh), bla bla bla and so on and so forth.

Later on in the interview he explained that I will not be considered for the position I asked for because the post involves a lot of travelling and he preferred a male. Well, he's lucky I'm not one of those feminista who would certainly blow her top off. Anyway, I won't mind travelling though. But thinking about today's crime level now, I don't think so.

Instead I will be considered a post at a new outlet that they will open at 1 Utama as branch head (gasp). "Do you mind taking that position?" I said, "I don't mind if you have confidence that I can do it". Then, he mention that this may be a problem for me since I live so far away so he is considering to place me at KLCC as assistant to the branch head where I will be groomed for the head position. "Which one do you prefer?" Hmm okay. I would prefer to work at KLCC. I was concerned about the location when I first applied for this job (it's in Shah Alam!) so now it seems the choice becomes easier for me. So I said, "I would prefer to be groomed rather than being thrown into a head position."

Did I make the wrong choice here? The thing is I believe in taking small but sure steps. I don't want to get a job just for the title. If I'm going to be head I MUST perform. If not I'll be in a very big trouble. This is an international company and certainly cannot compare to the shop I'm working in right now. So I think I took the right option.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

So nice...

Today, I got my first birthday cake courtesy of my colleaques. I also got a birthday cum christmas present from my manager. The gift is so cute. I got a giraffe keychain and travel size Body Shop shower gel.

I don't think this year won't be as happening as previous years since I don't have a boyfriend or even a guy who wants to be my boyfriend. I mean at least in previous years I got flowers and a nice dinner. Well, no biggie. I'm too excited about my trip to Bali to care.

Anyway, the best birthday would still be the time I spent it in Bangsar. The whole gang was singing to me in the middle of the street!

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

I'm so excited, and I just can't fight it!

I got a job interview! WooHoo!

Oh my God! I'm gonna be sooooo nervous in the interview. Come on. Got to keep cool. If you don't get this one it won't be the end of the world. Ok... keep that in mind and relax......

breath in......
breath out......
breath in.......

oh my god oh my god oh my god!

Current update

Finished with Poseidon except for 2 adventures which were really difficult. I would have to start over if I want to win it. I felt that I don't need the extra stress right now. Thinking of packing up and move to China and become the Emperor. I've played this one before and I think I've completed all the adventures. But I'm so bored I will just play it again. I wanted to play Pharaoh (the Egyptian version) but I couldn't find the game anywhere. I guess I'll settle down in China for now.

Currently reading The Yearling by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings. A Pulitzer winner in 1939, this story was also turned into a movie starring Gregory Peck. I enjoyed the movie but I didn't know it was based on a book until I saw it at PayLess (love this place!). I got it for RM5. But don't be fooled, this doesn't mean I'm finish with The Pickwick Papers. It's just one of those annoying habits that I have. Reading a few books at one time.

Friday, December 17, 2004

The Imax Experience

When I first step into the theatre I was given my first view of the screen and it was tremendous, it was huge! It was double the usual size at the other cineplexes. The size of the theatre itself was also impressive.

We also get the best seat which was also the reason why I don't mind skipping my lunch. We got centre seats a few rows from the back. When we finally reached them, I was impressed-again by the chair. It was a recliner. I would have been rocking away if not for the fact that I still didn't get over the awe of seeing a screen that huge. It was comfortable with ample space for your feet.

An announcement was made that they're going to show some previews and not to put on our 3D glasses yet. There were a montage of images and a preview of the other movie showing on IMAX, The Secret of the Pyramids. Seeing everything in a bigger scale is so amazing. But turns out we haven't seen anything yet until they show the preview to T-Rex, the next movie in Imax 3D. I quickly put on the glasses. It took a few seconds to adjust and then the 3D experience starts.

First you will be awed by the depth of each scene. You can see the stones at the bottom edge of the screen and the trees way back coming out from behind the screen. But wait! What's that? Oh my God! It's a t-rex right at the end of my nose! It was great! I gave the thumbs up sign to ST. And then she said, "Look at Y, she looks like E.T!" She kind of look like a fat Elton John but I didn't tell her that. I may look like E.T. too but I don't think anyone is looking so who cares.

The movie was nice. I don't know if it's because of the 3D tech or the strength of the story. Whatever it is, it was still a fun ride. Lots of thrilling scenes. It really felt like you were on a roller coaster ride, all that's missing was the motion. If they were to install the motion master in there it would be even more awesome. They were also the sweet heart-warming moments. Got tearred up at one scene but it was all smiles all the way. It certainly makes me want to get on a roller coaster.

When we got out, I noticed that we were the only Malays around. Hi hi... I guess other Malays were not open enough to experience this amazing new technology by watching a kiddie Christmas movie.

I checked out what others think of this movie at the IMDB forum. There were some mixed views. Some think it was ok. Some say their kids didn't enjoy it as much as The Incredibles. But that was a bad comparison. Of course kids would enjoy watching people hunted down and things blowing up. But there also some who think it was a good movie and that it's bound to be a Christmas classic. I don't know about that but I think it is worth watching in Imax. A few forumites even wants to take their kids to see them again, in Imax this time. Go ahead people, get the Imax experience.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

The Berjaya Times Square experience

The girls and I managed to watch The Polar Express at the 3D theatre and it was great.

I was a bit worried that my friends wouldn't agree to this because it's a Christmas movie and it's animated but they didn't argue so I was pretty excited while lining up but I kept my cool. Got to maintain the coolness.

We reached Times Square at about 1:45pm after checking out from Marriot. We were all hungry because none of us got up in time to get the breakfast buffet. We thought of checking out the tickets first and then find a place to eat.

But let me say this first, I hate Berjaya Times Square. It is TOO damn big okay! I don't really like Mid Valley in the first place and this place is even bigger than Mid Valley. Not only that, it also has a few wings with so many escalators zig-zagging to God-knows where. The elevators are slow and always full. And here we are trying to get to the 10th floor. We tried to get the elevator but no luck there. ST wanted to take the escalator but I said, "We're going to the 10th floor". But after 15 minutes and just one elevator came which was full, I agreed to take the escalator. Another reason why I don't like to take the escalator is because you are bound to pass some shops along the way and ST is still in the shopping mode. So, you can expect some stops along the way which I don't want to happen.

After a few trips round and round, ST said, "Which floor are we going?", "10th Floor" I said.
We were at the 3rd floor.

We look for an elevator from another side of the building and lucky for us one was open when we got there.

We joined the line and like I said I was pretty excited that my friends even agreed to watch this even though it's going to cost them RM20. The problem now is whether there are any tickets left. We wanted the 4pm show but it was already full and the next one at 8 is full as well so we took the 2:15 show, much to my relief. I was afraid they would insist they want to eat first and pass this chance. ST said, "This better be worth it" and it was. Check it out in The Imax Experience.

After the movie we immediately look for somewhere to eat. But once again we were quite lost. Luckily we all ate something in the theatre so it was not that bad. There were time to check out some shops (for ST mainly). But we stop over at this one booth selling interesting-looking watches. ST were looking around and one thing lead to another, I managed to convince her to get me one watch for my birthday. It wasn't that bad for her part, it was only RM15.

We had lunch at The Chicken Rice Shop (finally) on ST's expense. And then more shopping. Yada yada yada... it was 8pm and I was a bit tired plus I didn't get a good sleep the night before. I really wanted to go home but ST is still in shopping mode, now she wants to look for jewelery for herself. She finally decided on a pair of earings maybe after seeing my sour face and hearing the phone conversation I had with my mum. She insisted on asking me when I'm coming home (God! Like I'm never coming home).

After sending Y to Puduraya and ST to her home I reached home at about 10pm, just in time for The 4400 - great show, better than Taken, will talk abut this in later blogs.

So that was my weekend for anyone who's interested to know.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

The Bukit Bintang Experience - Part 2

Everyone else was ready when I reached the hotel and I hopped into the shower. Earlier in the day, R suggested a place which has a cabaret show since she was the one who wanted to see a live show while she was in town. I know ST wants to go clubbing but I don't want to. I suggested we just stay in and watch some movies. I got my portable DVD player with me and ST got some VCDs of new movies. "Let's do a movie marathon. It would be like old times." But no, they would rather go out.

At about 10pm we head out. I really thought we were all set to go to the cabaret show. I don't mind seeing a live show, I just don't like clubs. I hate the music that they usually play and I don't think it is a good place for friends to get together and catch up on their lives. Anyway... we actually ended up at the Star Hill's lounge (the one on the lower ground floor) where the live show was playing oldies but goodies. Mmm okay.... They must have decided something else while I was away. That's a bummer, I was looking forward to see a Malaysian-style cabaret show.

We settled into a section close to the stage and the waiter brought the drink menus. I was a bit flabbergasted for a while when I skimmed through the menu and saw the long list of alcoholic drinks. But then I saw Y flipped the menu over and open another page. I did the same and drew a silent sigh in my head. R and ST were busy discussing what kind of drink they should try.

I look around, trying to enjoy the music while thinking if I should get a coke or spare a few more dollars and get some juice. After a while I find that I really don't like this place. The items are way over-priced and I feel that people who frequented this places just want to keep up the appearances that they have a lot of money to spare and those who come once in a while, present company included, just want a taste of how the other side live and dream. Well, I don't have money to spare, I can't imagine spending time here if I do have the money and the music suck. So I said, "Wouldn't it be more fun to be at Starbucks?" Of course, ST gave me the look that says don't be so boring and said, "If you want to leave, go ahead." I called Y and we went out.

The first place we saw was the Italian gelato and I've been wanting to try that for the longest time so we parked there. We ordered the three scoop. I picked the watermelon, Y took the french vanilla and to complement everything I also chose a chocolate flavour ice cream. Y paid for this one too (thanks Y!) and it was marvellous. We talked about lost times and how she's coping with her teaching job, something that I'm interested in doing.

We sat there for about one hour and then took a walk around the area. We parked at Starbucks for a drink and then head back to the hotel. Just as I guessed it R and ST was already at the room... with a bottle of wine. No comments, not yet anyway. I just pretend that I didn't see that bottle. Ok... I've seen them drink before but I don't know how to tell them that it really bothered me without losing their company. I wish that one day I could just at least tell them, "Drink all you want, it's your responsibility but just don't do it when I'm around." This was also one of the reason I didn't want to join them at the hotel. I knew that they were going to spend the time drinking. But the spacious room beckons. I also decided a few months ago that I will try to limit the time that I have with them if there's a slight chance they will have access to alcohol (which could also mean I cannot play pool anymore - sigh). Maybe it can be a silent protest. If their skull is not that thick maybe they'll notice.

Later on that night I asked Y if she wants to see a VCD and she said OK. So we watched Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason - very cute! I thought I can watch another one but I was too sleepy. I guess Richard Gere and Jennifer Lopez were not interesting enough to keep me awake. I surrender to the bed leaving Y with the movie.

I don't sleep at all well that night. I never really had a problem sleeping at a strage place before. I don't know if it was something I ate, the very bright desk lamp or ST snoring. I still had trouble even after I switch off the lamp. I started to regret staying over. Man! RM70 for a comfortable bed but no sleep? I'm screwed.

End of Part 2

Continue with The Berjaya Times Square Experience

The Bukit Bintang Experience - Part 1

It was still raining when we head out from the hotel. We just run through it. We thought it was not that heavy but we were still wet all the same when we reached KL Plaza. This reminds me I saw one show in Discovery I cannot remember the name. It was about these 2 guys trying to find the truth in many urban legends like smoking at the toilet can blow you up etc. One of their experiments is to find out if it's better to run in the rain than walk. Surprisingly they find that you will get wetter if you run by a few grams of water. So I guess that won't matter we were still wet in the end. Interesting finding though.

Back to the agenda. We ran to KL Plaza, walk around a bit, found one agency but it was closed. No interesting shops there so we ran to the next building. We just got into the first entrance that we can get to and we found ourselves in an unfamiliar building. We were seriously a bit lost there because we thought we reached Lot 10 already. This was a totally new centre (at least for us) because I haven't been in this building before. It was called Piccolo something and there were still some empty lots. We kinda look like tourists for a while there. Just realized that I haven't been to Bukit Bintang for so long. Nothing much here so we left and ran/jog towards the real Lot 10.

Checked out the Isetan sale for a while and then took the bridge to Sungai Wang Plaza. ST's shopping mode is at full blast because she just got her bonus. So the rest of us just follow her around. She bought some stuff (I can't keep track of them all) and I got a pair of shoes for RM20! It was one of those cute little thing with a big plastic flower at the front. I'm not really keen on window shopping but I'm a sucker for shoes. Take me to a shoe store and if I have the chance I will try on every pair of shoes in the store. I mean, if you can't buy them why not just try them on imagine you have them. I particularly enjoy trying on weird or funky shoes that I will never want to be caught dead wearing.

After we all insist that ST is done we went back to Lot 10 for dinner at an Italian restaurant (or so I thought). The menu was mostly local food. We all got something from the Western section of the menu. My selection, lemon garlic snapper (the actual name is actually longer but don't expect me to remember that) was quite nice actually and the pricing was not that steep. Y is buying anyway so who cares, right? But it would be a nice place to eat with your boyfriend, provided he's paying of course!

ST and R took their customary puff and I noticed that the packs they have got this leaflet detailing the hazards of smoking. ST said, "Who even bothered reading this thing?". So I obliged and read to them a few lines from it like if you quit the chances of you getting seriously ill would be less etc. I was looking for facts regarding second hand smoking but none was put out. They should add that. Maybe the fact that smoking can also harm others would have some effect. Of course they don't care with what happen to their own body but they must care a bit about others, hopefully.

We finally reached the hotel but not before we took a detour at a clothing shop (for ST). I went straight to my car so that I can go home to pick up my stuff. It was a quick pack up, took me about 20 minutes. Told my mum I'm sleeping over at a friend's house. With the usual grumbling from her as my soundtrack, I went off.

End of Part 1

Continues at Part 2

Monday, December 13, 2004

The Marriot Experience

Suppose to check in at 3pm but arrive at 2:30 so might as well just do it. A few ppl were already at the desk. And there was this one woman overseeing, my guess is she's the supervisor. The woman was facing the desk when we walked up to it. She turned around and I swear to God she gave us one of those classic sizing-up look. She noticed my friend first and gave a slight glance at me. And then she quickly look at my friend from head to toe and back up to her face and said, "Can I help you?". I can bet you she was saying this to herself, "Hmmm... short chubby girl in a dress and tall awkward-looking girl wearing tudung... Not foreign. They'll be ok on their own." And then she left us waiting there.

We waited for about 10 minutes (this is not an exaggeration) in addition to a few 'foreigners' who cut us to get to the desk. When we were finally entertained, surprise surprise the room is not ready yet. We have to wait for 1 hour. So he gave us the room number and a card for 2 complimentary non-alcoholic drinks. It was raining heavily outside and we were hungry. So no choice left, we ate lunch there and wait for R & Y to arrive.

It's 3:45 and we checked at the desk and the room is still not ready. Instead they gave us another room. Suddenly, ST got a call from R asking us where's the room since she's at that floor already. How did she get up there, I have no idea since Marriot set the elevator in a way that you can only press the number if you have the keycard. After some confused moments on the phone we all got onto the correct floor and the correct room.

After the routine check up of the bed, TV, wardrobe, bathroom etc we took a breather and see what we can do with the remaining day (it was 5pm already). That's when I thought okay the room has 2 big beds, big enough for 4 so what the hell might as well make the space worth it. But then I have to go home and pack up some stuff.

Our original intention of this get together was to check out the area for travel agencies and settle the trip once and for all but we realized that agencies have normal office hours so we switch to shopping mode instead.

To be continued with The Bukit Bintang Experience

Busy weekend

Last weekend were one of those busy weekends for me. My 2 friends came for a visit, I have an open house to go to and my boss's wife wants to treat all her staff and her husband's staff to dinner at Shangri La. But I decided not to go to the open house because I have been to her house 2 weeks ago. So malu already. And I said that I won't go to the dinner with some very minor protests.

It is always like this with me. There's always that time when I don't have anything to do and nowhere to go and then there are also the time that everything must happen on that particular day.

My friends from Seremban (R) and Batu Pahat (Y) came up to KL and my friend ST book a room at JW Marriot. At first she said she got a free stay at Berjaya but she messed that up by not faxing the voucher in time so we ended up at Marriot. Anyway, I didn't want to join in at the hotel even if it's going to be free. It's just that the fact that you're outside of the house just made the likelihood of you spending more even bigger. They also mentioned that they wanted to got out that night. Maybe catch some live performance which means more expenses for me. I just wanted to meet them and discuss about the Bali trip that we're planning. Maybe grab some lunch or dinner (which Y told us she's going to belanja) and then go home. But after I saw the room I thought, man! I can't let ST have a bed all to herself! So why not. When else can I stay at Marriot with just RM70 and I also get to spend more time with my friends whom I haven't seen in years.

Stay tune for
The Marriot Experience
The Bukit Bintang Experience

The Berjaya Times Square Experience
The IMAX Experience

Thursday, December 09, 2004

For Life or Money

I was on my way to work this morning when I came accross this motorbike. He has a 3-yr old child riding at the back AND holding a baby in those carrier thingy in his arms. The 3-yr old was not wearing a helmet. As I passed him I saw that he has ANOTHER 3-yr old kid at the front! And this kid got no helmet too. Oh and he's wearing one.

I can just imagine what he would say if someone were to ask, "What the HELL are you doing???!!!"

"Ala... dekat je. Bukannya ada polis pun..." [Translation: Come on... just nearby. No police anyway]

Duh! Who cares about a 300 summon unless you want to know what it feels like to scoop up your child's brain from the road.

I can go to sleep, yay!

Hah! After three nights I finally can get my bug-free night's sleep. Yes, the bug is in the dust (or on the cement). I found its body or what's left of it at the front door of my house. I don't know if the cat got to it or it was just his time. All that's left are the top of it's head and the antenna. Clean up job courtesy of Red Ants Sdn Bhd. I love nature.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Why do I like The West Wing?

Hmmm... I've been thinking about this ever since I realized I'm hooked to this show. I'm not an American and half of the time I can't understand whatever it is they're talking about. What they do on the show doesn't really affect anyone in the real world. Like making college education tax deductable. Why can't they actually do that? Oh yeah, they have to cover the lost funds by raising the tax for the richest 1%. They'll never gonna do that.

I love the characters like Josh, Donna and CJ and dear old President Bartlet. It is so obvious that he's fictional. I don't think any politician is as 'clean' as he is. The only dirty thing on him was he kept his sickness secret. No past affairs, no current affairs, never involved in a drunken orgy. He actually wanted to be a priest in the first place. I also miss Ms Landingham.

The working environment is interesting to watch. It's wonderful to see them, working in, some might say, the most 'serious' office in the world but can still share light moments. Credits to the writers.
In today's show, someone shot at the White House. CJ, Will and Toby was in the Press Room where the shots were fired. After all the "are you ok?" "I'm ok" been passed around, they went back to playing poker and arguing about whether an egg can stand on the day of the equinox. Where else can you see this kind of situation happening? Matthew Perry, playing Joe Quincy is joining the cast I think to replace Ainsley Hayes. I miss her too. She's the one who beat Sam in a debate on TV talk show. I wonder if they will make his introduction to the President a funny scene like what they did to Ainsley and Will.

However, I am annoyed with the 'silent treatment' of some lines. I think they were talking about some country in a negative light, I wouldn't know. I just get to see moving lips and hear nothing (maybe I should learn to read lips). Why they even bother to censor it baffled me. It really shows how little faith this country has on the intelligence of its people. I mean, this is a fictional show. Of course I'm not going to believe everything that's said and done in it. Even if it is a known fact, I still wouldn't rely on it.
Hey, Malaysian Censorship Board! Have some faith will ya?

I can't go to sleep

There's a bug flying around in my bedroom and it won't get out! I'm an animal person but I don't really favour bugs esp flying ones.... Jobot (my cat) is here, maybe he can catch it for me so that I can go to sleep.

Oh man! Now he's jumping all over my room to get it! He's knocking everything off! Dammit

A close rendition of how I am right now Posted by Hello

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

My life till now

After 27 years 11 months 8 days of breathing this is where I am....

Working at a bookstore - ok
No savings - not ok
Living with parents - not ok
Single - ok but debatable

Still love books, watch movies regularly, owning cds (but not as much as I would want to) and watch TV (but not as much as I used to).

Playing Poseidon on my PC
Reading The Pickwick Papers
Just bought Awake- The Best of Live and U2's How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb
Current favourite song - Nobody Knows by Live
Watching The West Wing, Malcolm in the Middle, Carnivale, The 4400, The Amazing Race, That 70's Show and Grounded for Life

What does it feel like to be single in KL from the view of an introvert woman living in a kampung in the middle of a city? Stay tune...