Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Second wave

Ok maybe I spoke too soon. I suddenly remembered I knew someone in Penang and he's been very quiet in my yahoogroup. No e-mails from him since the incident. We went to the same university but I don't know him that well. Not well enough to try and call him myself. Hopefully those who do know him well will post some news soon.

More things I've learned from this event: -
  • It is very quick and easy to set up charity funds.
  • Big companies would give big money for charity if it comes with big publicity. (I don't see them giving 1 million bucks for little miss Ah May who needs a heart trasplant)
  • The media can be very creative with headlines, drum-roll please... Trajedi 26 Disember... Waves of Death... Malapetaka Tsunami...
  • Out of the most horrible destruction comes many amateur photographers and film-makers.
  • The worst thing that could happen to you are: losing five children at one time, losing all your best friends at one time, not knowing what happen to your significant other, to survive to only discover you're the only one who did.

I bet you, in a few months time, someone will come up with a vcd showcasing this event. Just imagine what the title would be...

Koleksi Gambaran Dramatik Malapetaka Tsunami 26 Disember

as known as

Collection of Dramatic Visuals of 26th December's Waves of Death

Again, I apologize if I'm being cold-hearted. With all the condolonces and prayers flooding throughout the mass and electronic media I just felt like looking at this from a cynic point of view. However, I will say this if just to be politically correct -- I pray that we will all recover and try to see the brighter side of things. The quake could have come from the eastern part of Sumatera. Just imagine how big the 'Waves of Death' would be then.

Ok... ok... I still have my cynic hat on. Let's take that off.

My prayers go out to all victims of the quake and their family members. I hope that all the missing are found. It is important to hold our faith for the higher power, whoever it might be to you, and find solace that everything happen for a reason.

"Believe in qada' and qadar"

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