Tuesday, December 14, 2004

The Bukit Bintang Experience - Part 1

It was still raining when we head out from the hotel. We just run through it. We thought it was not that heavy but we were still wet all the same when we reached KL Plaza. This reminds me I saw one show in Discovery I cannot remember the name. It was about these 2 guys trying to find the truth in many urban legends like smoking at the toilet can blow you up etc. One of their experiments is to find out if it's better to run in the rain than walk. Surprisingly they find that you will get wetter if you run by a few grams of water. So I guess that won't matter we were still wet in the end. Interesting finding though.

Back to the agenda. We ran to KL Plaza, walk around a bit, found one agency but it was closed. No interesting shops there so we ran to the next building. We just got into the first entrance that we can get to and we found ourselves in an unfamiliar building. We were seriously a bit lost there because we thought we reached Lot 10 already. This was a totally new centre (at least for us) because I haven't been in this building before. It was called Piccolo something and there were still some empty lots. We kinda look like tourists for a while there. Just realized that I haven't been to Bukit Bintang for so long. Nothing much here so we left and ran/jog towards the real Lot 10.

Checked out the Isetan sale for a while and then took the bridge to Sungai Wang Plaza. ST's shopping mode is at full blast because she just got her bonus. So the rest of us just follow her around. She bought some stuff (I can't keep track of them all) and I got a pair of shoes for RM20! It was one of those cute little thing with a big plastic flower at the front. I'm not really keen on window shopping but I'm a sucker for shoes. Take me to a shoe store and if I have the chance I will try on every pair of shoes in the store. I mean, if you can't buy them why not just try them on imagine you have them. I particularly enjoy trying on weird or funky shoes that I will never want to be caught dead wearing.

After we all insist that ST is done we went back to Lot 10 for dinner at an Italian restaurant (or so I thought). The menu was mostly local food. We all got something from the Western section of the menu. My selection, lemon garlic snapper (the actual name is actually longer but don't expect me to remember that) was quite nice actually and the pricing was not that steep. Y is buying anyway so who cares, right? But it would be a nice place to eat with your boyfriend, provided he's paying of course!

ST and R took their customary puff and I noticed that the packs they have got this leaflet detailing the hazards of smoking. ST said, "Who even bothered reading this thing?". So I obliged and read to them a few lines from it like if you quit the chances of you getting seriously ill would be less etc. I was looking for facts regarding second hand smoking but none was put out. They should add that. Maybe the fact that smoking can also harm others would have some effect. Of course they don't care with what happen to their own body but they must care a bit about others, hopefully.

We finally reached the hotel but not before we took a detour at a clothing shop (for ST). I went straight to my car so that I can go home to pick up my stuff. It was a quick pack up, took me about 20 minutes. Told my mum I'm sleeping over at a friend's house. With the usual grumbling from her as my soundtrack, I went off.

End of Part 1

Continues at Part 2

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