Tuesday, December 28, 2004


I don't want to be the person to jump on the bandwagon, but I gotta say something about the recent event that landed at our shores (no pun intended).

This morning I was listening to Hitz.fm and they were talking about their birthday bash that's coming up at Redang. They were asking for some feedbacks on whether they should move the venue or not which I understand, they were concern about safety. But what they get are calls asking them to cancel the event to respect the dead. It's confirmed then. Malaysians are over-sensitive people.

I don't know if these ppl who called were really sincere or they just want to show how compassionate and sensitive they are. You know how some ppl are so desperate to present themselves as politically correct that they would just say the right thing at the right time but not really believing in it. Kind of like beauty pageants contestants (I want world peace). Honestly for me, I wouldn't cancel the event and I wouldn't change the venue. Pulau Redang is on the east coast and it's protected by the Peninsula, no aftershocks will reach there. So if anything were to happen to Redang, the ppl in KL will be gone first.

Yes, I may seem a bit cold-hearted here but you got to face the truth. It was a terrible tragedy and I am lucky no one I knew was affected but life must go on. I'm glad that my identity is not clear on this blog. I'm afraid that the over-sensitive citizens would find me and kill me. HA HA HA I know they wouldn't. Ha ha ha he he... he.... would they?

Also this morning I took a few minutes to watch the news and apparently the 'Weatherman Association of the World Police' (i.e. USA) said that millions of ppl could be saved if the proper warning system were used. Yeah right! NOW you tell us. Apparently they have been using the system since 1965 and that they were very very expensive (i.e. they're the only one in the world who can afford it).

Anyway, there are a few things I learn on the wake of this event
  1. Ppl would help other ppl no matter where you come from (Latest update Mercy Msia and Japan send ppl already)
  2. A devastated mother in Indonesia looks exactly the same as a devastated mother in India.
  3. If you are in a high rise and you felt tremors, get the ppl off the beach!

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