Monday, March 09, 2009


Came across an interesting article about books and love....

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Thursday, February 26, 2009

81st Annual Academy Awards - A so-called review

This is a so-called review of the 81st Annual Academy Awards. want to elaborate further but no time. so here goes....

I love the format for presenting acting awards. Having 5 past winners honoring 5 nominees could be very rewarding. Can you imagine Shirley Maclaine singing your praises in front millions of people. Even if you didn't win you still return as a winner. I wonder if the presenter wrote the speeches themselves? It would be great if that's true.

For the writing awards, they use the format that they used a few years back which I love. the presenter read a snippet of the screenplay, continued with the movie.

Things I don't like:
1) No Peter Gabriel :( John Legend singing Down to Earth? What the heck?
2) Why the stars of Slumdog Millionaire sit at the back?
3) Hugh Jackman and Beyonce do not go together. The performance looked forced. With the addition of High School Musical and Mamma Mia stars, the whole thing look gimmicky.
4) No speech by the Academy Director, I like his speeches. Maybe because they want to make time for the acting awards. that process take some time.

Not to be missed:
1) A clip by Seth Rogen & James Franco from Pineapple Express honoring (sort-of) the year in movies.
2) Tine Fey and Steve Martin as presenters.

NTV7 is showing the award show at 10 Friday morning.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A short post

There's something wrong when you don't have the time to do the things you love the most.

Friday, January 02, 2009

I went through 17 years of school and this is what i got

The one on the right was not even meant for me. It was supposed to be a token for judges but I took it because I want a souvenir for that event - College Open Day. Hey, give me a break. I was a bit of a nerd back then.

The one on the left is the one and only trophy I got throughout my entire school career. I got second place for a Scrabble tournament among librarians. Seriuosly, I'm not kidding.

I don't need anyone to tell me how pathetic my school life was. I was so average. I don't hold any position in class, not even AJK Kebersihan Kelas. I was not active in anything. I wasn't athletic and I wasn't brainy. I wasn't on the debate team, the choral speaking team and nobody knows about cheerleading those days. Even if we have a cheerleading team, I wouldn't be on it anyway.

The only position I hold at the time was librarian from Form 2 and stopped when I was in Form 4 because I went to boarding school. (I'm still puzzled how as mediocre as I am, I still get to go to boarding school.) I applied for the position in boarding school but I didn't get it. It was quite a relief though because they have to wear green uniform and we call them Katak (frogs).

I'd like to think myself as a late bloomer. When I was in primary school, I was a nobody and my teacher hated me. She didn't believe me when I said I got 3As for the main subjects (Malay, English, Math) and eligible to apply for boarding school. However, socialwise I was OK. I have friends and I was never alone during lunch.

Jump to secondary school. I still didn't hold any position but I join as many clubs as I can. I also became a librarian which was really fun. Still no problem in the social scene but still not one of the popular girls or the smartest student.

Form 4, I went to boarding school. I remember I made a conscious choice to improve myself and be more assertive. It's a new environment, lots of new people, a new beginning! Suffice it to say, those 2 years were the best years of my life. I learned a lot, made a lot of great friends who I still keep in touch with until today, hold a few 'important' positions (if you think AJK Biro Kaunseling and Secretary for the choir club as important), had a lot of fun. I was quite popular but I think it was only because I mix with the right people and I was in a gang (that story needs another post altogether). Oh yeah, I also won a couple of prizes for short-story writing, something that I'm really proud of, even though on hindsight the stories sucks big time. I also did volunteer work for a closed netball tournament, that was fun too.

That was my school life in a nutshell. A bit bland but I think I turned out OK. I don't do drugs, never got arrested or ended up in a back alley of a sleazy area. I have a pretty good job, pretty much well-liked by my friends (as far as I know) and so far all my bosses loved me (I guess). As far as life in general, I still think I'm not fulfilling my full potential yet but I'm working on it. In the meantime, I have these tokens to remind me of who I was before.

Guess which one is going to the bin....