Tuesday, April 05, 2005

It's a sign!

Prince Charles postponed his wedding to Saturday because he has to attend the Pope's funeral on Friday (the original wedding date).
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What a reason to postpone your wedding ha? The highest authority in the Catholic constitution just died.

It seems like everything is against this union . They (whoever were protesting) said that a Catholic royalty can never marry a divorced woman, or a foreigner, she will never be a princess, he will never be king, the mother won't come to the wedding, blablablayadayadayada. And suddenly six days before the wedding the Pope had to die. It's a sign!

I find this whole wedding thing very funny.

Don't you remember way back when the kings and queens of old were the actual ruler of a country? Anything they say goes. If not... "OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!!!!"

They can conquer other continents, initiate explorations, marry whoever they want, not marry at all, marry his brother's wife, have loads of concubines, sacrifice the wife of his beloved 'panglima' to bless a ship, execute those that don't follow your religion, basically anything under the sun just because they are born into the position of power.

Now, they are just symbols and representations of what it used to be, the way we were. But it seems we don't really want them as they were during those times. So thanks to political development they are now 'rulers' under the whims and fancies of the parliament and the constitution.

Mr Blair's spokesman said Downing Street had not put pressure on Charles to postpone his wedding, noting that its planners were "very well aware of the significance" of the Pope's funeral.
"The decision was one for them and they alone to reach. The prime minister is now very glad he is able to go to both events," the spokesman said.

The fact that the spokesman has to mention this at all is the funniest part of the article. Did they really expect that if the Prince continued with his original plans, the PM can put pressure on them to change it? Since when does wedding planning comes under the jurisdiction of the parliament?

My God! Why the hell did I spent the last hour griping about this? Whether they marry on Friday or Saturday or April Fool's Day, it won't effect me. But the article has to mention that if they marry on Friday, Blair won't be able to attend the wedding. Come on! Even the mother of the groom RSVP that she won't attend the wedding months before. I think the Prince can take it if the 'Bendahara' cannot make it.

Anyway, marriage should be an easy thing to a clerk, a technician, a CEO, a minister or a prince. Why should we hear all this noise just because the bride is a divorcee. Will we hear the same amount of noise if the bride is a virgin? Because I think that's what it all comes down to, the purity of the bride. It doesn't matter what the groom has been doing all his life, if the bride is good than the marriage is good. If the marriage falls apart, it must be the wife's fault. If you fall in love with a divorced woman, you're in for a big trouble.

So what! Do you know that the Prophet Mohammad SAW married a divorced older woman who was also his boss. Yeah, he married the woman that would be any parent's worst nightmare. But yet their marriage is THE marriage that anyone would wish they have. What sweet irony.

I've heard a theory that those who are destined to be together tend to look like each other. Just look at them. They're soul-mates, don't you think?
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