Friday, April 01, 2005

Miss me?

Man, this must be the most attention-grabbing, sympathy-begging title I have ever used and will bever use again.

It's been a long time since my last long 'intelligent' post and I have a good reason. Three very good reasons actually.

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Yep! They are the Lord of the Rings Trilogy Special Extended DVD Edition. My babies...

I bought them last December, some sort of a birthday present for me. But surprise, surprise the portable DVD player that I have cannot play Region 1 DVDs.

I found out from the Internet that you can actually unlock your players to play other region DVDs. But of course there's no key available for a local made player. So now what? Don't tell me that I have to buy another DVD player? Pissed

One day, lightning struck Lightning my modem and network card. A technician from TMnet came and changed the modem Whew . But I have to change the network card myself Confused . And this has to happen after KL PC Fair is over, yeah right Perplexed .

So I went to the next best place, Plaza Imbi. The network card was just RM25 so might as well get a CD-RW drive too.
"You got a CD-RW tak?"
"You get this one la. Combo CD drive. Can write CD and play DVD too."
"Can play all DVD or not? You know la DVDs have Region I la, Region 3 la, Region XYZ la."
"This one can play all DVD one."
"How much?"
"RM169 only."
"Aiya! No discount ke? Not brand name some more"
"Discount already. Normal price is RM199."
"Ala... give more discount la. I bought network card also what."
"Cannot. Special price already. And this one is special also. You can chose 3 colors for the cover."
And he showed me the extra two covers, black and silver.
"Wah! Now CD-Rom also like handphone ah? Can change cover. I don't need this one lar. You take this and give me RM10 discount la."
"He he he"

Well the exchange was actually just a formality. When he mentioned that this thing can play DVD as well, my head was reeling with the possibility that I will finally get the chance to watch my beloved babies. So, I bought the whole thing, extra changeable covers and all.

What do you think? Is RM169 for a brandless DVD-ROM CD-RW combo too much? I didn't even survey the area for a better deal. I thought that since I bought the card from him I might as well buy the drive too.

I just can't wait to get back and try out my new toy. But I didn't keep my hopes up since I might be dissapointed again. The first thing I did after I booted my PC was try out the network card la.

Okay done! Broadband up and running. Time to try out the thing!

I took out The Return of the King and popped the first CD I got my hand on into the drive, it was one of the appendices. A window came up asking to install InterActual Player and so I did. That took about less than a minute. By then another window popped up and I finally saw a 'Play' button and clicked on it.

What's this? An error message?
I knew it was too good to be true. So I just accepted the fact that I still can't watch the extended version of The Return of the King yet and get on with my boring life.

After a while I remembered that in addition to a disc that contains the software to burn CDs, there was also another disc. I looked it over and thought, "What the hell. Just give it a try."

The disc installed PowerDVD. And I gave the play button a click and crossed my fingers.

And what do you know, I saw the most wonderful sight I have ever seen.

I saw the menu.
Way Too Happy
This picture is not representative. I didn't actually jump up and down but I was very excited.

So it goes that I slept at 2am that night watching the most anticipated DVD of my life so far, the extended version of The Return of the King. I knew that I can't take sitting in front of my PC any longer but I just have to try out the appendices. I think I survived the first documentary only, when I thought, "Let's save it for another day okay?" Okey dokey!

So for the past week, I spent every night in front of my PC playing with my new toy except for Wednesday when I was involved in a TV-show marathon from 8pm to 12:30am watching The Amazing Race, CSI, Friends and American Idol.

After three nights, I managed to watch The Return of the King and 4 of the appendices. And I'm still not done. I just watched a few of the documentaries. I didn't even touch the special effects section, the one about WETA or the music. If I chose the 'Play All' option, it would take me 2 sometimes 3 hours to get to the end. Some feat ha. And I thought watching the trilogy back to back under the stars was such an achievement.

Okay then. I guess this would be the one and only long 'intelligent' post for this week and the next. It's already 11:50pm now and I haven't started on the next appendices disc. On second thought I never even tried the CD burning feature of the new drive! On top of it all I just bought Sepet, School of Rock, Saving Private Ryan, Wuthering Heights and The Great Gatsby on VCD. Forgive me, the CDs are going for 2 at RM16.90 awright! (Except for Sepet) I cannot resist.

In the meantime, you can miss me all you want.

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