Tuesday, April 26, 2005

I feel so uninspired

I don't know what I want to blog about anymore.

I do have a few topics lined up but these topics need a lot of research before it is ready for publish. Well, if you know me well enough already, you might know what I'm about to say.
"I'm just too lazy"

I tried blogging about some trivial things like what I did today, what I was thinking about lately. But I feel these matters a bit too trivial for my taste. I mean it's not like those who read this would care unless they know who I really am. But alas, as far as I know there's only one (1) reader who knew me outside the blogosphere and that's because I went on and mentioned that I do have a blog. But she deserves to know since she was the one who introduced the joys (and pains) of blogging to me. Anyway, I don't think this person would care to know what time I woke up this morning, whether I squeezed a nickel-sized or a dime-sized toothpaste onto my toothbrush or why I was 15 minutes late for work today or what I did last weekend, which usually consists of waking up late, watch tv, read or twiddling God-knows-what on my computer.

Blogging about recent books that I've read, something that I've done before, is another option but then enjoying a book is way different than TALKING about why you enjoy it, especially when you also want to sound intelligent in the process. Very difficult.

A clear mind helps in organizing critical thoughts so I guess my mind is a bit occupied lately. What has it been occupied with? Man I can't believe I'm doing this. I'm going to talk about 'what I was thinking lately' after all.

Since my last post 7 days ago I have to spend 2 of those days helping my boss's brother typing data on the computer. I'm finally back at the bookstore on Thursday evening much to my relief. I was so worried I'm going to be stuck there I was ready to quit if I stayed there any longer. It was so mind-numbingly boring I thought that my brain has shut down on me.

On top of that I think my modem was strucked by lightning (again!). That's another strain on my budget. I still have my dial-up account but I began to suffer broadband-withdrawal syndrome: mind-numb caused by longer waiting time for a page to load, higher stress level because less time is spent on reading and watching tv and unnecessary interuption when someone picked up the phone, well... you know the drill.

To occupy the times when I don't feel like hearing the dialing sound the modem makes, I installed CSI, a game I bought so long ago but never got around to play. However, installing the game resulted some errors on my computer - I cannot shut it down properly. Thankfully the game is short and I uninstall it straight away, not caring that I didn't get 100% on all my evaluations.

Last weekend my aunt from Ipoh came over and stayed for a few days so not much private quiet time to think. They are my favourite family members however.

Now, Tuesday has come again. My broadband is up and running and I just feel obligated to publish something if only for the sake of those who visit my blog regularly but got shut down everytime they saw "Crossing into the Borders" at the top of the page, especially to those who has 56K dial-up connection. I totally feel you. One tip: get Firefox and find out about Live Bookmark. For the time being I give you "I feel so uninspired".

Damn! For someone so uninspired I did talk a lot, didn't I? I guess what matters is not what is it that you want to write about, but to actually start writing. Something I've noticed while studying for my business degree. It's always the same every single time. I will start an assignment late because I have no idea what to write about but once I got started I can't stop. Just hope that I didn't babble as much as I am now. Well, I've submitted all the assignments and I got the freakin' cert already. Nothing I can do about that now. But I do have to control my babbling on this blog since it doesn't have anyone to review/mark it. You be my lecturer. Just let me know if this is too much babbling for you.

Double damn! What if no one actually reach the end to actually read that previous line?

Oh well...

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