Monday, April 11, 2005

To resign or not to resign

That is the question that's been bugging me until I can't sleep last night. You see, I found out I have to give 3 months notice of resignation instead of one.

This is my story.

Two of you might know that I'm currently looking for other employments. I've sent out my resumes to all the companies that I'm interested in and signed up at the various website with job listings. I was called for a few interviews and one of those was with Company ABC about a month ago. What interests me about this company is that it's an international corp just beginning to tap into the Malaysian market. You know what new companies mean right? Lots of room to grow...

I felt that interview went quite well. I answered their ad for position A but she said I was a bit over-qualified for that one and the salary range is not suitable for me. But she still called me up to see if I'm suitable for position B (a better one). At the end of it she told me that she will call me tomorrow. But she didn't so I called her up the day after that. She told me that the quota for position B has been filled so my application has to be put under KIV. *sigh* Never mind. Company ABC is planning to open another branch within this year and four more in the next three years which I believe because the news has been splattered all over the newspapers. So I thought I still have a chance if not for this branch maybe for the next.

Last week, I saw a vacancy ad for Company ABC in the paper asking for the position that I was interviewed for, Position B for the same branch. What the hell? How come she didn't call me?

So I e-mailed her that night asking if I'm still under consideration. Till now I received no reply from her. Nothing left to do but call her up which I did but she was not around. I actually have her hand-phone no but I'm a bit reluctant to use it. I don't want to seem so desperate and eager (even though I am) that would eventually cause me to be blacklisted in her book. But I'm determined. If I don't get to speak to her soon I WILL certainly use this valuable information to get what I want. Please let me speak to her soon... I really don't want to call her on her handphone.

Another thing that worried me is that I accidently 'lied' on my application form. You see, I was so eager to go to all these interviews that I didn't bother to check my terms of employment. I assumed that I have to give one month notice. I must have thought I was still a clerk. Well, it figures since I'm drawing a clerk's salary.

That's one setback, telling them that I can join them in one month when I actually they have to wait 3 bloody months. I hope she can just forget about this minor little detail because... drum rolls please...
I'm exactly the kind of person she's looking for, I'm just perfect for this company, I have the experience, I have the passion, I have great communication skills, I have a great personality, I am a wonderful person and we had quite a nice chat during the interview (unless she is very good in pretending to enjoy the conversation).

Ok. Let's assume that she's fine with this little hiccup and still consider me as a good candidate, what happens if I DO get this job. I get the feeling that they would want me to join them right away.
"But I have to give three months notice."
"Is there no other way you can get off earlier?"
"No, I don't think so."
"Then, we have no choice. We need someone fast. We have to give this position to another candidate."

So now I'm thinking, should I just place my resignation and hope they will get back to me in three months time? If they do call me up for a second interview will I be successful?

I'm pretty confident that I could because, come on, they need a lot of people and who better to work for them than me! They must take me.

Worst scenario - it is my last day of working here and I still don't have a job. I don't mind working at something else while waiting for Company ABC to become desperate enough to finally want me to work for them. But working as what? Will I be able to even secure another job? Even a measly one?

I've asked 4 of my friends about this
2 said just resign but must be ready to take the risk.
1 said don't resign because it's difficult to find another good-paying job.
1 still hasn't replied my e-mail.

What do you think ? To resign or not to resign?

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