Friday, April 01, 2005

Easy answer

The issue of female-led prayers has been flooding my inbox these past few days. Everybody was alarmed and flabber-gasted by this woman's actions. But yet I was not.

Female-Led Prayers:A Step Forward for Women?

As soon as I read these words in my inbox (and I read it twice since two of my friends forwarded the e-mail to me) the first word that popped in my head was a passionate
and Sister Yasmin Mogahed agreed though not so candidly of course.

This was a question from a 'Sarah' to Sister Yasmin Mogahed, a member of Ask About Islam Editorial Staff. Her respond is very deep, intelligent and well-thought of, and I agree to everything she said.

If someone were to pose me the same question my answer would just simply be because it is the definite rule in the Quran and Hadith that a man should always lead a prayer. Only if no able-bodied man is available can a woman take his place.

Yes, it is a very literal answer and not as nice as what Sister Yasmin wrote. A Form 3 student could have given an answer like that in a PMR paper. If we cannot follow simple rules and guidelines that has been written and followed without contest for thousands of years than I don't think it is a 'step forward'.

In all my short life and limited knowledge of my religion, I have never found anything so absurd or illogical in any aspect about Islam. It's beautiful, perfect and logical just like what Ustaz Ridhuan Tee once said.

There's always a reason behind everything. Here are some examples.
Warning: These are my own thoughts and understanding. Please don't quote or take it at face value. Form your own opinion ok?

Why can't we eat pork?
Pigs are still God's creatures. We can eat other living beings why not the pig. I've heard it's much tastier and juicier than the chicken so why are we Muslims held from this simple pleasure?
My thoughts: Have you seen how pigs live? What they eat? Do you know how many viruses that pigs carry? I'd rather live to eat chickens and cows thank you very much.

How come Muslim men can have four wives?
My thoughts: It is written in the Quran that one day the number of women will be more than the number of men. Women, whose basic nature is weak must be taken care of. If one man can only take one woman, what will happen to the rest of them?

Why should men be the ideal leader in everything?
Men are the preferred choice to be leaders of families, communities, countries etc. What about the women? Men are exposed to the same threats, temptations as women so why should they get the priority?
My thoughts: This I learned when I was in school. As women's basic nature is emotional, men are rational beings. And I do believe this. Women tend to think with their hearts. Important decisions cannot be made when feelings are in the way.

So woman are weak, emotional, dependant and cannot hold important posts. So what are they worth in the eyes of Islam?
My thoughts: Of all the things that men can do, there's one thing that they cannot do no matter how hard they try and how many surgeries they went through - they cannot bear a child in their body. You might think, "So women are just child- making machines, is that it?" Well, yeah if you can see only up to the end of your nose.

Do you know how hard it is to push a new life into this world? Ok I don't know either. But it is said that a woman in labor has her life pulled halfway out of her body. The odds are 50:50 in that labor room.

It is also the fundamental duty of a Muslim to worship God with every single breath and every single cell that they're made off. So, what's nobler than bringing another worshipper into this world?

And when the child is here, the mother is the one who feeds them with nourishment that comes from their own body. Then the mother and child will form a bond like nothing else in this world.

Mothers are held very highly in Muslim culture. They are given the top three places of the one you should revere to, while the father takes fourth place. Heaven resides at the soles of their feet. Just one snide remark that stabbed their hearts is enough to condemn you. So who has the power now?

Even though I see myself as a strong independant woman, I am not a feminist. Women can achieve anything and everything but they must be wise in choosing their lives path. I believe that the idea that women can do everything that men can do is shallow and wrong, which is the strongest argument of Sister Yasmin.

Why should we measure ourselves according to men's standards? They are not the highest being and doesn't hold the highest authority in this world. God is. So we should judge ourselves in God's view, not anyone else on this earth.

Hey! what a way to celebrate April Fool ha. Just post a serious blog.
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