Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A sad year

Review: 6 Dec 2017
Something drew me to open up this post again. 10 years later. I don't know why. I knew it happened right after Nurin Jazlin died a gruesome death.
Where was I 10 years ago? Baru start keja Media Prima
"First, my friend's father" - My friend Peoih.
"Another friend's mother" - ??
"Father of my ex-boss" - ex-boss Sulaiman
September 2007 - who died? A guy close to my age? around 30 years old. fara's classmate - Tangkak

I remember 2004 being a year of weddings.

And now I will remember 2007 as a sad year.

There were so many deaths this year. Not particularly close to me but I still feel the pain.

First was my friend's father. I knew him when I had a sleepover at her house. Then it was another friend's mother. Then, it was the father of my ex-boss.

Last month, a school friend died suddenly. It was really hard when someone close to your age pass away. I didn't know him that well. He was in the class next to mine so I saw him occasionally. My close friend was very close to him. So me being the very empathatic person that I am can't help but feel the loss. He had 3 kids.

One day, I was visiting all the blogs that I haven't visited for a long time. I was so shocked when I visited Along's Blog. She had another miscarriage, this is the second time this year. It's like once was not bad enough. But she's a strong person.

Then there was this heart-breaking, never-should-have-happened tragedy with Nurin. I think everyone of us is asking the same thing...

How could anyone do this to a child?

We can't even do it to an adult, let alone a child.

I guess humans ARE capable of doing ANYTHING. We are the only creature on earth who could kill each other for sport. Even the most ferocious animal wouldn't do that to their own kind. They only kill to survive. But we...

I am this close to losing my faith in mankind. Watching Criminal Minds every week does not help either. But I still believe.

Help me believe

and remember...

Another update!

Another step up in the world of Kampung Gal!

I've updated my blogroll. (What did you think? I'm taking it one step at a time.)

I have to delete a few, add some. Have to delete those that doesn't exist anymore. I found blogs of people that I know, so I added those.

Not being in the blog for a long time has its setback. One of it is missing other blogs that you like to read. I like reading Social Cafe. They're a bunch of crass guys but they do have a point sometimes. I kind of miss them. I don't know if they stopped or moved. So if anyone know if they have a new site, let me know.

I gues it's not too late to say Happy Halloween!


Monday, October 22, 2007

New Layout



Behold! The new blogspot layout feature!

It took a lot of tweaking but it's worth it. I love the archive setting. Very easy. Now I can delete that sorry archive post. Also added Shelfari. Very cool application. Now I don't have to find picture and change the template manually everytime I read a new book. I wonder if there's a way I can put a song in there...


I finished The Book Thief, still planning to write a review but not at the moment. No mood.

Now I'm reading the Gorillaz autobiography. Wasn't such a huge fan. I mean I don't buy every single CD, DVD, merchandise from them (not that I can if I want to. One setback of living in Malaysia. Nothing cool is available here!) I bought the book it was on discount and I love to see the artwork, every page is illustrated. It also features a discography page and every cover that they've been on. Pretty cool to see.

But now after I read the book, I appreciate the band, the music, and the idea behind their concept. Now I can say I am a fan of Gorillaz.

And yes... I've downloaded the smiley program...

Smile away!!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Quick update


My friend already make noise that my blog sudah "bersawang" already. Aiya... So hard to please everyone nowadays.


I'll just make a quick post, record what's going on since I last blog, anything I forgot to mention, etc, etc...

First up!

I quit my job at the bookstore. Frankly, I like the job, I don't mind the workload (which is a lot!), I don't mind the hours (in fact I enjoyed it) BUT... I just can't stand the people.

I have to admit it, I'm not a people person. If someone were to come up to me with a stupid question, I get annoyed. If someone were to come up to me making unreasonable requests, I get annoyed, if someone get offended with something I said when I didn't mean to offend them, I get offended, if I pick up the phone and someone starts yelling for no reason, I WILL GET SUPER ANNOYED AND OFFENDED!!! I will also get super-duper annoyed if that caller started title-dropping, "Do you know who I am? I am Datuk *tttuuuuutttt*! I'm a professor!"

F*** you la, Datuk! I guess your 'profesor' and 'datuk' school didn't teach you any manners!

Ok .... ok.... deep breaths...


That's all in the past now. I'm thinking I can still enjoy books without working at a bookstore. It's better for my mental and physical health anyway.


Now I'm working at that TV station, doing translation or subtitles whatever you want to call it. Previously I was a part-time employee but they offered me a full-time position. It didn't come at a better time. I was so ready to blah....

Before, I may have dropped excuses that since I'm working 7 days a week, I don't have time to blog. But now... hehehe I still don't have to blog because.... because... because... okay just give me a day or two to give a good excuse. I need time to adjust. Yeah... that's my excuse. I need time to adjust my body clock to 9to5, 2 off days working mode. Ha ha ha... (bear with me, I haven't installed any smiley applications yet).

In the meantime, I also bought a new car, a Kelisa, black which I dubbed "The Grim Reaper". And since I got it on 30 Dec 2006, the poor thing got hit by a motorcycle when he was 3 months old. uhuk...uhuk... another sad thing is that I still haven't fix it.

I'm also a proud owner of an iPod video now. That thing is so great only those who have one know what it's like. I wonder what Pak Lah and Datuk Najib did with their iPods?

Coming up!

I'm hoping to update my photoblog with photos from my recent trip to Pulau Perhentian (We had so much fun) and maybe some photos from my upcoming trip to Singapore in November to visit that noisy friend of mine (I hope you're satisfied Nora Sakura!)

I may want to talk about a book that I recently entered into my favourite book list, The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. It was also the reason why I named my car "Grim Reaper". It is so wonderful, the best book I've ever read for such a long time. I can't stop talking and thinking about it. That's why I think the best way to let go of all this emotions is through blogging. If I've somehow incite your interest, you can go ahead and read it. I'm reading it for the 2nd time now. You can get the book at Kinokuniya for 25% until end of this month.

Lastly, you may know more about me in the future. I've registered to facebookand it's quite cool. I 'may' put a link to my facebook here. We'll see. I'm still shy la...

So that's it for now. See you in another... 6 months!

Just kidding or am I? (Shucks... there should be a smiley here)