Monday, December 27, 2004

Please remember

Please say a little prayer for them Posted by Hello

Siti Syazwani Ahmad Dasuki 9, died 21 December 2004
Found in a 2-metre deep drain. Was on her way back from Quran class.

Nurul Huda Ghani 10, died 17 January 2004
Found in the nude in a TNB house. Was on her way back from a store. I remember the TNB house was about 100 metres away from her house.

Haserawati Saridi 9, died 8 January 2004
Raped and killed. Was on her way back from school.

Siti Nadirah Budah 5, died 5 July 2001
Her naked body was found in the mud buried under two pieces of wood. Was on her way back from Quran class.

Nurul Hanis 17, died 3 July 2001
Raped and sodomised before she was strangled. Was on her back from school.

These are only a few cases that Hassan Mohd Noor of Utusan Malaysia presented. There are more cases out there that we must remember. Unfortunately I'm sure that these won't be the last.

All you parents, grandparents, guardians, aunts, uncles, anyone who know a little girl, watch over them like a hawk! They'll be mad at you now but they'll thank you later.

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