Wednesday, December 15, 2004

The Berjaya Times Square experience

The girls and I managed to watch The Polar Express at the 3D theatre and it was great.

I was a bit worried that my friends wouldn't agree to this because it's a Christmas movie and it's animated but they didn't argue so I was pretty excited while lining up but I kept my cool. Got to maintain the coolness.

We reached Times Square at about 1:45pm after checking out from Marriot. We were all hungry because none of us got up in time to get the breakfast buffet. We thought of checking out the tickets first and then find a place to eat.

But let me say this first, I hate Berjaya Times Square. It is TOO damn big okay! I don't really like Mid Valley in the first place and this place is even bigger than Mid Valley. Not only that, it also has a few wings with so many escalators zig-zagging to God-knows where. The elevators are slow and always full. And here we are trying to get to the 10th floor. We tried to get the elevator but no luck there. ST wanted to take the escalator but I said, "We're going to the 10th floor". But after 15 minutes and just one elevator came which was full, I agreed to take the escalator. Another reason why I don't like to take the escalator is because you are bound to pass some shops along the way and ST is still in the shopping mode. So, you can expect some stops along the way which I don't want to happen.

After a few trips round and round, ST said, "Which floor are we going?", "10th Floor" I said.
We were at the 3rd floor.

We look for an elevator from another side of the building and lucky for us one was open when we got there.

We joined the line and like I said I was pretty excited that my friends even agreed to watch this even though it's going to cost them RM20. The problem now is whether there are any tickets left. We wanted the 4pm show but it was already full and the next one at 8 is full as well so we took the 2:15 show, much to my relief. I was afraid they would insist they want to eat first and pass this chance. ST said, "This better be worth it" and it was. Check it out in The Imax Experience.

After the movie we immediately look for somewhere to eat. But once again we were quite lost. Luckily we all ate something in the theatre so it was not that bad. There were time to check out some shops (for ST mainly). But we stop over at this one booth selling interesting-looking watches. ST were looking around and one thing lead to another, I managed to convince her to get me one watch for my birthday. It wasn't that bad for her part, it was only RM15.

We had lunch at The Chicken Rice Shop (finally) on ST's expense. And then more shopping. Yada yada yada... it was 8pm and I was a bit tired plus I didn't get a good sleep the night before. I really wanted to go home but ST is still in shopping mode, now she wants to look for jewelery for herself. She finally decided on a pair of earings maybe after seeing my sour face and hearing the phone conversation I had with my mum. She insisted on asking me when I'm coming home (God! Like I'm never coming home).

After sending Y to Puduraya and ST to her home I reached home at about 10pm, just in time for The 4400 - great show, better than Taken, will talk abut this in later blogs.

So that was my weekend for anyone who's interested to know.

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