Friday, December 17, 2004

The Imax Experience

When I first step into the theatre I was given my first view of the screen and it was tremendous, it was huge! It was double the usual size at the other cineplexes. The size of the theatre itself was also impressive.

We also get the best seat which was also the reason why I don't mind skipping my lunch. We got centre seats a few rows from the back. When we finally reached them, I was impressed-again by the chair. It was a recliner. I would have been rocking away if not for the fact that I still didn't get over the awe of seeing a screen that huge. It was comfortable with ample space for your feet.

An announcement was made that they're going to show some previews and not to put on our 3D glasses yet. There were a montage of images and a preview of the other movie showing on IMAX, The Secret of the Pyramids. Seeing everything in a bigger scale is so amazing. But turns out we haven't seen anything yet until they show the preview to T-Rex, the next movie in Imax 3D. I quickly put on the glasses. It took a few seconds to adjust and then the 3D experience starts.

First you will be awed by the depth of each scene. You can see the stones at the bottom edge of the screen and the trees way back coming out from behind the screen. But wait! What's that? Oh my God! It's a t-rex right at the end of my nose! It was great! I gave the thumbs up sign to ST. And then she said, "Look at Y, she looks like E.T!" She kind of look like a fat Elton John but I didn't tell her that. I may look like E.T. too but I don't think anyone is looking so who cares.

The movie was nice. I don't know if it's because of the 3D tech or the strength of the story. Whatever it is, it was still a fun ride. Lots of thrilling scenes. It really felt like you were on a roller coaster ride, all that's missing was the motion. If they were to install the motion master in there it would be even more awesome. They were also the sweet heart-warming moments. Got tearred up at one scene but it was all smiles all the way. It certainly makes me want to get on a roller coaster.

When we got out, I noticed that we were the only Malays around. Hi hi... I guess other Malays were not open enough to experience this amazing new technology by watching a kiddie Christmas movie.

I checked out what others think of this movie at the IMDB forum. There were some mixed views. Some think it was ok. Some say their kids didn't enjoy it as much as The Incredibles. But that was a bad comparison. Of course kids would enjoy watching people hunted down and things blowing up. But there also some who think it was a good movie and that it's bound to be a Christmas classic. I don't know about that but I think it is worth watching in Imax. A few forumites even wants to take their kids to see them again, in Imax this time. Go ahead people, get the Imax experience.

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