Monday, December 13, 2004

The Marriot Experience

Suppose to check in at 3pm but arrive at 2:30 so might as well just do it. A few ppl were already at the desk. And there was this one woman overseeing, my guess is she's the supervisor. The woman was facing the desk when we walked up to it. She turned around and I swear to God she gave us one of those classic sizing-up look. She noticed my friend first and gave a slight glance at me. And then she quickly look at my friend from head to toe and back up to her face and said, "Can I help you?". I can bet you she was saying this to herself, "Hmmm... short chubby girl in a dress and tall awkward-looking girl wearing tudung... Not foreign. They'll be ok on their own." And then she left us waiting there.

We waited for about 10 minutes (this is not an exaggeration) in addition to a few 'foreigners' who cut us to get to the desk. When we were finally entertained, surprise surprise the room is not ready yet. We have to wait for 1 hour. So he gave us the room number and a card for 2 complimentary non-alcoholic drinks. It was raining heavily outside and we were hungry. So no choice left, we ate lunch there and wait for R & Y to arrive.

It's 3:45 and we checked at the desk and the room is still not ready. Instead they gave us another room. Suddenly, ST got a call from R asking us where's the room since she's at that floor already. How did she get up there, I have no idea since Marriot set the elevator in a way that you can only press the number if you have the keycard. After some confused moments on the phone we all got onto the correct floor and the correct room.

After the routine check up of the bed, TV, wardrobe, bathroom etc we took a breather and see what we can do with the remaining day (it was 5pm already). That's when I thought okay the room has 2 big beds, big enough for 4 so what the hell might as well make the space worth it. But then I have to go home and pack up some stuff.

Our original intention of this get together was to check out the area for travel agencies and settle the trip once and for all but we realized that agencies have normal office hours so we switch to shopping mode instead.

To be continued with The Bukit Bintang Experience

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