Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Why do I like The West Wing?

Hmmm... I've been thinking about this ever since I realized I'm hooked to this show. I'm not an American and half of the time I can't understand whatever it is they're talking about. What they do on the show doesn't really affect anyone in the real world. Like making college education tax deductable. Why can't they actually do that? Oh yeah, they have to cover the lost funds by raising the tax for the richest 1%. They'll never gonna do that.

I love the characters like Josh, Donna and CJ and dear old President Bartlet. It is so obvious that he's fictional. I don't think any politician is as 'clean' as he is. The only dirty thing on him was he kept his sickness secret. No past affairs, no current affairs, never involved in a drunken orgy. He actually wanted to be a priest in the first place. I also miss Ms Landingham.

The working environment is interesting to watch. It's wonderful to see them, working in, some might say, the most 'serious' office in the world but can still share light moments. Credits to the writers.
In today's show, someone shot at the White House. CJ, Will and Toby was in the Press Room where the shots were fired. After all the "are you ok?" "I'm ok" been passed around, they went back to playing poker and arguing about whether an egg can stand on the day of the equinox. Where else can you see this kind of situation happening? Matthew Perry, playing Joe Quincy is joining the cast I think to replace Ainsley Hayes. I miss her too. She's the one who beat Sam in a debate on TV talk show. I wonder if they will make his introduction to the President a funny scene like what they did to Ainsley and Will.

However, I am annoyed with the 'silent treatment' of some lines. I think they were talking about some country in a negative light, I wouldn't know. I just get to see moving lips and hear nothing (maybe I should learn to read lips). Why they even bother to censor it baffled me. It really shows how little faith this country has on the intelligence of its people. I mean, this is a fictional show. Of course I'm not going to believe everything that's said and done in it. Even if it is a known fact, I still wouldn't rely on it.
Hey, Malaysian Censorship Board! Have some faith will ya?

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