Monday, December 13, 2004

Busy weekend

Last weekend were one of those busy weekends for me. My 2 friends came for a visit, I have an open house to go to and my boss's wife wants to treat all her staff and her husband's staff to dinner at Shangri La. But I decided not to go to the open house because I have been to her house 2 weeks ago. So malu already. And I said that I won't go to the dinner with some very minor protests.

It is always like this with me. There's always that time when I don't have anything to do and nowhere to go and then there are also the time that everything must happen on that particular day.

My friends from Seremban (R) and Batu Pahat (Y) came up to KL and my friend ST book a room at JW Marriot. At first she said she got a free stay at Berjaya but she messed that up by not faxing the voucher in time so we ended up at Marriot. Anyway, I didn't want to join in at the hotel even if it's going to be free. It's just that the fact that you're outside of the house just made the likelihood of you spending more even bigger. They also mentioned that they wanted to got out that night. Maybe catch some live performance which means more expenses for me. I just wanted to meet them and discuss about the Bali trip that we're planning. Maybe grab some lunch or dinner (which Y told us she's going to belanja) and then go home. But after I saw the room I thought, man! I can't let ST have a bed all to herself! So why not. When else can I stay at Marriot with just RM70 and I also get to spend more time with my friends whom I haven't seen in years.

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