Friday, December 31, 2004

The joke's on you kid

My horoscope for today reads
Many Goats will be feeling like bears with a sore head, in need of some long-term hibernation from the social whirl. Not tonight though - there's important connections to be made!
I don't know about the bear part but after 2 days caught in bad traffic, I really feel like not going anywhere at all this weekend. I want to spend my two-day weekend sitting at home as quiet as a mouse.

This was suppose to be last weekend's plan but didn't quite workout. A part time worker that was suppose to come in on Christmas suddenly call in sick and the key to the shop was with her. I wanted to keep the shop close since I don't think anyone will be coming. But I remembered that a customer mentioned that she wants to come in that day to look at the books that she asked about . I guess someone has to be there. So I went there at 10AM to open the door and I prepared myself for 7 hours of boredom. I already planned out what I was going to do to pass the time. I can let the other part timer watch over the counter while I can use the computer in the back office to play around with my blog and read other ppl's blogs. That sounds like a nice plan, didn't know whether it's enough to pass 7 hours but it'll do.

At around 10:45 my part timer suddenly said, "I got a friend who can work and she's here already." "But you don't have the key. How are you going to lock up?" The girl that didn't turn up got the spare key. I suddenly remembered that we have a bunch of keys in one of the drawers and I started testing out. I managed to find the key to one of the locks. Never mind, we can still survive on that. I'm going home!

However, that weekend was not as quiet as I want it to be. My aunt from Ipoh was here with her son. My sister let her sons have a sleep-over at my house (the boys made the 'request' after finding out my brother has his own PS2). So I couldn't get a fully, truly, totally quiet hibernation that I was craving for. Hopefully this weekend will be the time but suddenly this horoscope come up.

If only it were to specify what kind of connection it is - business connection? love connection? Why bother. Is it possible that each and every person who was born between 22 December and 21 January is going to 'connect' with something today? I don't think so. Maybe 5% of us Capricorns will make a siginificant connection but the rest are more likely to connect to a power plug as far as I'm concern. Or maybe we're suppose to take out some old puzzle books and connect the dots instead - that's 'important' too, right?

Oh yeah, the customer who said she's coming on Christmas -- didn't come .

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