Friday, December 31, 2004

So nice.. Part 2

I thought my 28th birthday would be uneventful but it wasn't. My friend, R came over from Malacca to take her Japanese friend around KL. We haven't seen each other for quite some time. She does come to KL (her sister is here) but never got around to see me. Finally, on my birthday we get to meet.

At first I thought we were just going to go out for dinner but Ms Japan was tired (I guess so, they've been to CM, Petaling Street and Ampang Point by 6 PM) and wanted to go home. So I will join them at her sister's apt instead where we'll be having satay.

I need to go to Times KLCC first to use my birthday voucher. I was caught in a jam when I got out at about 6:50PM. I finally reached the apt around 8:15PM, tired and hungry. In no time I was picking up the satay sticks.

Ms Japan gave me the best present this year. It was a gold bookmark depicting a famous Japan authoress (I forgot to ask who she actually was). I think R told her that I like to read and I collect bookmarks. It was really nice. I wish I have a digicam so that I can post a picture here.

R's other 2 sisters got back and gave another present, Famous Amos cookies in a heart-shaped tin which was quite a surprise. I didn't expect her family will be giving me presents as well and I can't even remember their names . R gave me a bracelet and her sister (the one who owns the apt, I do know the name of this one) gave me a coin purse. They also got me a cake. All in all this year's birthday was nice and sweet.

But the night was almost spoiled when my mother called asking me where I was and when I'm coming home. It was 8:30 and I just got there. She told me that my uncle is sick (he's been sick for quite some time now). I didn't know what she wants me to do. She got a car and my father's home. Did she want me to go with her? How can she wait for me to get home before going to his house? She finally said never mind. When I did get back, my parents were home. Aparently, my uncle had a nervous breakdown because he's out of sleeping pills. Her daughter called my mum later to say that everything's ok.

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