Monday, March 06, 2006

4 faves: A meme

Four Jobs I've Had: (I thought this is about 4 faves. Jobs is not really a fave. Oh well.)
1. Student assistant - when I was studying in US I worked at the university library, the medical library to be exact. Have to shelve a lot of big books and journals. It's like getting paid while doing exercise. Wish I can say I met a lot of cute doctor but it never happened. I think I saw 1 cute doctor who looked like a better version of Sunjay Dutt. Then I changed to the Reprographics Dept. The dept responsible in turning newspapers into microfilms. Almost all of the Malay Malaysian students worked there. Interesting job, great colleaques, great boss. Good times.
2. Management Trainee - I sold those Domino's card, TGV cards. I could have knocked on your door once.
3. Clerk - at a local bank. Spent 3 boring years there until I can't take it anymore.
4. Bookstore assistant - my stepping stone into book retailing. I was fortunate enough to be given a chance to work at a small children's bookstore. Interesting job, helped a lot with what I'm doing right now.

Four Movies I Can Watch Over and Over
This is hard. I definitely have more than 4. I will approach this question like this, if I stumble upon a movie while channel hunting, what movie will make me stop?
1. The obvious choice - LOTR. I lost count to how many times I've seen it.
2. Dead Man Walking - Sean Penn is superb in this one. Just can't help but feel sorry for him and be happy that he found redemption in the end even though he did a most despicable thing.
3. Finding Nemo - It's soo cute! and funny of course.
4. The last one... this is so hard! How do you chose one from many? OK. I will put my favorite movie from my favorite star - Benny & Joon. There.

Four Places I Have Lived
1. My current house
2. Muar
3. Shah Alam
4. Lexington, KY - I wanna go back!!!

Four Television Shows I Loved to Watch
Another difficult one. I definitely have more than 4 for this one too.
1. CSI
2. Law & Order - the original one. I never saw the spin offs.
3. The West Wing
4. Saturday Night Live, Jay Leno, Conan O'Brien - I wanna go back!!!

Four Places I Have Been On Vacation
1. Grand Canyon - The most photogenic place I've ever been to. I don't have a better word to describe it. What you see in the pictures, is what you get when you're standing there plus the awe of being there in person.
2. New York - went there 3 times in 1 week. All because we always missed the ferry to Ellis Island where Statue of Liberty is located. Regretted that I didn't go to the NYPL and Art Museum.
3. Washington DC - on 4th of July some more. Went to Jefferson Memorial, Lincoln Memorial where Jenny ran across the reflecting pool to get the attention of Forrest Gump, Smithsonian Museum (of all the museums lined up over there, I walked into this one. I didn't know the significance of the Smithsonian at the time), took a picture at the FBI building, lepak at the field near the George Washinton Monument and wait for the fireworks to start. Didn't get to go to Arlington, a shame. Could've visited Kennedy's grave.
4. Toronto, Ottawa, Niagara Falls - after NY we drove to Boston and went north to Canada. Travelled westward towards Niagara Falls and made a few stops along the way. Best trip I've ever been on.

Four of My Favourite Dishes
1. Sweet and Sour Chicken
2. Nasi Pattaya - whenever I go to a new place, I will check if they have nasi pattaya.
3. Yong tao foo
4. Nasi ayam - when nothing is appealing, nasi ayam is the way to go.

Four Websites I Visit Daily
1. yahoo.mail (obviously)
2. - the best resource for movie and tv lovers.
3. - it has the best search engine. You don't have to know the title of a song. Just enter a phrase and they will get it for you, provided that it's in their database. Even if they don't, you can send lyrics to them. They also have a Winamp plugin. Install it and it can display the lyrics when the song is played, like your very own karaoke at your PC.
4. - homepage to For Better or For Worse, my favorite strip. I visit this monthly to catch up on the lives of the Pattersons.

Four Places I Would Rather Be Right Now
1. In a peaceful park, the weather's fine, sitting under a tree, reading.
2. In my room, in MY own house.
3. Somewhere in the past, witnessing a historical moment
4. In a movie theatre

Hope this is good enough for the whole month of March.


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