Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The Last Stand

I was surfing the net, looking for new kiddie movies to watch out for when I discovered that I can check other movies as well like X-Men 3 for example.

Hohohoho.... boy can't wait for this movie.

The third instalment is about a pharmaceutical company discovering a 'cure' to supress the mutant-x gene permanently. Of course, Magneto in protest, waged a war and it's not just talk this time.

Jean is back as Phoenix and if what I see is correct, she's joining Magneto. Beast is on the Xavier team with Kelsey Grammer (Frasier) doning the blue skin. He may have the poise but I don't think they make him big enough. Another new addition is Angel. For this you must check out the trailer. His wings is awesome. He's played by Ben Foster, the guy who played Russell, that blurry boyfriend of Claire in Six Feet Under. Interesting to see how this one turns out. But he can play that brooding, depressing character very well.

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Unfortunately, Halle Berry is still Storm. She changed her hairstyle again. You can go bald if you want Halle, you still don't make a good Storm. What an insult to Storm, my favorite X-Men.

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Another favorite of mine, Gambit will not make an appearance because Josh Holloway, whoever the hell that is (he's from Lost), turned down the roll because he thinks that this character would be too similar to his character on Lost. Mmmm... I don't watch the show, but does Sawyer (his Lost character) go around speaking French, calling people mon chere, and throwing energy-charged cards around the island? I know the show is weird but I don't think it's that weird. What bums me out is that the producers didn't look for any other actor. How hard is it to find a tall, dark, mysterious guy who can speak a decent Cajun and looks good in a trench coat? Maybe they want to save him for the next one. I mean, if they're going to throw out all their trump cards, what would they have left for the next one, right?

The only time that I love the mention of the word war is in terms of movies. With the raging war between man and mutant, between mutant and mutant, you can expect more characters surfacing in this movie. It's like that scene in Star Wars II, when we get to see a group of Jedis fighting. It's something that's never been seen before. I bet you're gonna have fun identifying all the different mutants and their powers. I remember being so excited when I saw Jubilee in X-Men 2. I didn't get to see her in action but I was still giddy. Which reminds me, I got to 'gilap' my X-Men knowledge.

I caught the X fever tonight. Suffice it to say, this is on my desktop now.

I want to post more pictures but there's a problem in loading. I'll put them up tomorrow or whenever I get online again, whichever comes first.

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