Monday, October 22, 2007

New Layout



Behold! The new blogspot layout feature!

It took a lot of tweaking but it's worth it. I love the archive setting. Very easy. Now I can delete that sorry archive post. Also added Shelfari. Very cool application. Now I don't have to find picture and change the template manually everytime I read a new book. I wonder if there's a way I can put a song in there...


I finished The Book Thief, still planning to write a review but not at the moment. No mood.

Now I'm reading the Gorillaz autobiography. Wasn't such a huge fan. I mean I don't buy every single CD, DVD, merchandise from them (not that I can if I want to. One setback of living in Malaysia. Nothing cool is available here!) I bought the book it was on discount and I love to see the artwork, every page is illustrated. It also features a discography page and every cover that they've been on. Pretty cool to see.

But now after I read the book, I appreciate the band, the music, and the idea behind their concept. Now I can say I am a fan of Gorillaz.

And yes... I've downloaded the smiley program...

Smile away!!!

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Along said...

Finally!! You're back!! Hehehe, anyway, just wanted to wish good luck on your new job. Guess I'll be seeing your name a lot on the tube after this..:D