Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Well doggone it!

Having Nadia sent home last week kind of ended Kampung Gal's career as a psychic. This is what I predicted before. Just scroll all the way down to get to the predictions.

But I wasn't surprised that she was the one with the lowest vote. In fact I kind of expected it. I wanted to blog about it before the result show to prove that I still have the knack for predicting but man I was so not in the mood to blog lately.

I did enjoy her performance by the way. But after I watched the rundown of all the performances at the end of the concert it was obvious that she was the least outstanding among them. It doesn't help that she was the first to perform either. First to go, first to forget right?

I agree with Simon on this one, she made a bad song choice. No one knew it, not even Randy, it was slow, uninteresting and so was not able to make her shine among the many bright stars among her. I guess she's just too 'artsy-fartsy' for the general audience. ('Artsy-fartsy' was the word she used to describe her taste in music)

But boy did I get a scare when Bo was in the bottom 2 with Nadia. But sometimes you just got to be put down to realize that you are as vulnerable as anyone else. Remember how cocky Fantasia was at the beginning of American Idol 3? A few times at the bottom 3 sure quiets down that big mouth of hers. I hope this will be a wake-up call for Bo. He must work hard to stay at the top, this is no time to slack off. I want Bo in the finals!

Okay, it's time to salvage what's left of Kampung Gal's psychic career and make another prediction.
1) Bo, Constantine, Vonzell and Keri will be in the final 4
2) Even though I love Bo, it is Constantine who will become the next American Idol
3) Scott is the next to go

Let's see where this will take us.

Additional thoughts (21 April 2005, 12:36am)

Just watched this week's show, a great one I must say.

I'm still sticking to my predictions. Just want to add one more with regards to Tipah's question.

Before tonight I was thinking Bo and Constantine will be in the final two. But after some research and analysis which involved recalling past performances, each contestant's personality, commercial value and marketibility, I think Constantine and Vonzell will be voted by the American public all the way to the top two. So there's my answer Tipah and I still think Constantine is going to win.

After Scott leaves tonight, I think it's going to be more difficult to predict the next one to go. They're all very good in their own way and I like them all, even Anthony with the pale squeeky clean image that he has. Cannot deny that he does have a good voice. The competition is getting tougher every week. I think this is the best season for American Idol.

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