Wednesday, March 23, 2005

The Idols Rundown

I found out recently that one way to get a surge of visitors to your blog is to post about a tv show. My visitor counter shoot up more than the normal rate (of about 20 per day) when I posted about The Amazing Race 6 finale and again after I talked about Rob and Amber from TAR7 yesterday.

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The highest spike was when I talked about TAR6 and the one at the far right was for yesterday's post. [Courtesy of StatCounter]

I'm reluctant to admit it but it sure felt good seeing the graph spiked above 100 (Hey! that's good enough for me awright!). So what else can I do but keep talking about tv shows.

And tonight I want to talk about the other tv show I've been watching - American Idol.

I like the new format where they straight away select 24 wannabes to showcase to the public audience for them to vote. It sure saves the audience from watching painful mediocre performances and wasting their phone credits on the ones that may have look good on TV but just a pain to the ears. And just after three weeks we are served with the final 12.

But wait, what's this? Someone's backing out? Damn! He's one of my favorites too. What a loss. But he's quickly replaced by the next best thing, Nikko Smith. Read the whole story here.

I found out a week ago that Nikko is the son of Ozzie Smith, a baseball legend. My twisted mind started reeling and you know what came out? Here's what came out.

Kampung Gal's crazy conspiracy theory:
What if someone casually 'asked' Mario to leave. Mario, realizing that he can never compete with Bo and so cannot be the next American Idol, finds this request more profitable. Citing 'personal reasons' he told the producers that he's qutting the competition. The producers were dumbstruck. They cannot believe that someone would want to give up the chance to be seen by 60 million ppl worlwide and be in a flimsy Ford commercial every week. What can they do? They must have 12 contestants in the finals. If they don't, they have to fill up the extra 3 minutes with a longer version of a flimsy Ford commercial! NOOO!!!!!

So they flip over the rule book looking for solutions and yes! They found it.

Rule 3245 (xxiv) : Forfeiture
In the impossible case of a contestant unwilling to continue with the competition, an eliminated contestant with the highest amount of votes on the day he/she was eliminated will be eligible for the final round. Additional rule for Season 4: The eligibility depends on the gender of the quitting contestant i.e. a male if a male contestant quits and subsequently a female if a female contestants quits.
See also: -
Rule 56 (xxxvi): Gender Equality
Rule 197 (xiv) : Voting methods
Rule 215 (mcmv) : Counting the votes
Rule 848 (i) : Rules of elimination

And what do you know Nikko Smith, son of baseball Hall of Famer Ozzie Smith, fits the bill.
Welcome back Nikko!

My theory is strengthen by the fact that even his family was shocked by his decision. They themselves couldn't understand what the 'personal reasons related to the family' were.

Disclaimer: The so-called 'Rules' are a product of Kampung Gal's wild imagination. She hasn't seen the book before and not even sure it existed. It was created just to keep the drama rolling.
---------End of crazy theory---------

But I don't think he will get far and even daddy can do anything to get him back on this time around. However, he still has the various engagements to look forward to, the special appearances, the concerts, the possible record deal. Oh well.

Stupid Mario! Why did you have to back out now? You've been through so much!

So now that Lindsey's out too (no tears from me), we're left with:
Mikalah (Streisand look-a-like and sound-a-like)
Nadia (the femme-bomb!)
Carrie (the blonde country farmgirl)
Jessica (the other blonde)
Vonzell (I don't know how to label her)
Constantine (the very tall rocker)
Nikko (the boy Paula got a big crush on)
Bo (the experienced rocker)
Anwar (the sweet music teacher who could be Paula Abdul's husband)
Anthony (the sweetest whitest boy you'll ever see in the show)
and Scott (the snuggly-wuggly teddy bear)

Kampung Gal predicts:
1) Mikalah will go out tomorrow (even though I adore her)
2) Bo, Anwar, Nadia, Constantine are posssible idol materials and will be in the final 4.


Go Bo Bice!
Cheerleader Toss

PS: Who thinks that Paula should just shut up and let Simon talk? Before this I thought it was cute but tonight she was just obnoxious!
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