Monday, March 14, 2005

Perils of men Part I

A post by vlad reminded me how malicious men can be to his own kind. It seems that everywhere you turn there's someone who would rather think of new ways to make other ppl's lives more miserable than find ways to improve his own life. Let's set the record straight, when I say men, I mean both men and women.

I've heard so many stories about this kind of thing that I thought I'm going to pull a Hustler and share some of the stories with you. All names have been changed to protect their privacy ya!

Crushing the competition
My friend's aunt is a very good cook and opened her own restaurant. She did very well at first but things started to go downhill from there. It seems that not many customers come to her place anymore. Eventually she has to close the place. After some time she realized why no one came to her shop. Because my friend also told us that she once went to visit her aunt's restaurant but just can't seem to find it. Even after she walked around the area a few times.

What happen to 'healthy competition'? Don't they realize that if you keep doing this your life will never be happy in the end? God works in mysterious ways you know! I bet you the ppl responsible for this is bankrupt with 2 kids in jail for drug charges, a daughter married to an alcoholic who ended up murdering her husband while they themselves are thrown to the streets begging for food at newly opened restaurants!!!!!!!
*Kampung Gal taking deep breath*
Ok. Not good to dwell on negative things. Let's just leave that up to God, shall we? Now let's get to the next story.

Last weekend I went to Ipoh for my friend's wedding. On the way back, the topic of langsuir (female ghost with entrails hanging on to her bodyless head) somehow cropped up among the many things we talked about. Some time ago, someone actually found a lock of very long black hair snagged on his car and this was featured in Misteri Nusantara. Ooooohhh... I'm getting goosebumps. Ok, no more talk on langsuir.

Well, from there, my friend suddenly remembered a story that involved her friend. Let's call this friend of my friend Siti.

Holding a grudge
Siti is a student at a local U and shares an apartment with her college mate (Minah). They took the same course and lived well together. For a while.

Like most responsible roommates they would work together to take care of the apartment and even prepare dinner for each other. One day Siti started throwing up all the food she has eaten, no matter what she ate. But mostly it would be the ones prepared by Minah (you can guess what this is all about la). And now Siti is so miserable, she's sick all the time and it's disturbing her studies.

My friend and this Siti happens to know this guy, Abang Ali. And he's a bit knowledgable about things out of the ordinary. So he prepared some air jampi (blessed water) for Siti to take. After Siti drank the water, she threw up all her contents in her stomach. A bit nasty but at least she was able to empty out any 'alien' content in her body. And with God's grace, she got better after that.

During the weekend, Siti went back to her hometown and visit her grandmother, who also has this 'gift'. Her grandma asked Siti to close her eyes and she said,
"Nampak tak?" [see anything?]
Siti actually saw a vision of Minah but not able to believe she would do such a thing she just said,
"Takde la. Belum lagi." [No. Nothing yet]
"Dah nampak dah tu. Nenek pun boleh nampak." [You've seen her. I can see her also.]

So it's confirmed. Minah was the one causing all this. And her grandma warned her not to eat any more food prepared by Minah.

For Siti's 'therapy', her grandma took an apple and said some enchantment over it. After some time, a white powdery substance would appear and covered the whole apple. My friend told me that the powder cannot be wiped off even if you scrubbed very hard. I don't know how but that's the way she told it to me and that's the way I'm going to tell it to you.

Siti has to take a few apples, about 20 of them. And everytime her grandmother said the chants the white powder will appear and each time some new patterns would form on the apple too. But the powder appeared less and less with time and Siti recovered from this ordeal in the end.

It was not clear why Minah suddenly would do this to Siti. They thought about it and the only reasonable answer was because Siti has changed to another course without telling Minah about it. It seems that this new course is a bit easier than what they were both taking before. So I guess Minah felt betrayed and alone.

I wonder how a girl can do these things over a small matter. Get over it! It's not like Siti is the only student taking that course with her. There must be other students that she can turn to for help in her studies. But I guess with this kind of attitude it's a wonder that she even has friends at all!

They also found out that this Minah has 'saka' in her family. That's why she has the ability to do this kind of thing. As far as I know, 'saka' is an entity that would follow a particular family and will usually hang around with a particular family member in each generation. It usually started when a family member 'acquired' this entity by certain means. A lot of ppl do this in the old days for various reasons, mainly for protection, but more and more family today opt to release it because it can go against Islamic principles.

So the 'saka' was following Minah's father for a generation. And when her father died it was accidently passed to her. You see, her father didn't want to pass it to her because he knew that she will only abuse it. But he didn't perform the proper ritual to release it either before he died. Minah was nearby when he passed away, so not knowing where to go, it got stuck with Minah.

I'm not really clear of what 'saka' really is but it can give the owner certain powers. In Minah's case, she used it to do harm to others, and even get herself a boyfriend. She will just calit (touch) any guy that she wants and he will be her own little puppy dog. And once she's done, that little puppy dog will just be left in the streets, not even considerate enough to send him to the dog pound. This variation of 'love potion' can be pretty dangerous you know. I've heard some ppl can go insane when the one responsible just leave them like that.

Wow, it seems this story is quite long. Not meant to bore you with long post I will stop here. True to Hustler's style I will post the rest of my story with Perils of Men Part II. Stay tune...

Kampung Gal apalogizes to The Hustler for stealing his style.

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