Monday, March 21, 2005

Finally! Someone figured it out!

After seven seasons of The Amazing Race, someone finally discovered that not doing something might be the right thing to do after all.

It was kind of funny watching last week's episode. After Phil announced what it was they have to do I thought, "Man! I would rather take the penalty than eat pork sausage. I won't care if I'm first or second last!" It was like after swallowing a mere quarter of what they were supposed to eat, the racers have this weird look already. Someone's gonna puke! And there goes half a pound of Alex's stomach content.
Vomit 2

Not taking it anymore, Rob decided that taking the 4-hour penalty is better than sitting there stretching his stomach and neck muscle. To guarantee that he won't be last, he persuaded another team to take the penalty as well, not a very difficult thing to do since Deana immediately admitted that she won't be able to eat the 4 pounds of meat even before she sat down. And what do you know he was right and they finish at fifth place out of eight. One point for Rob.

I think that Rob and Amber are totally mistreated by the rest of the teams. From the very first leg all the teams are plotting to ensure the downfall of Rob and Amber be it not sharing info and even yielding them the first chance they get. Come on! Be a sport. It's a competition! Just because they've been on TV before (and thus have more screen time than the rest of them) doesn't mean they don't have the right to win. Like someone said earlier in the race, "It's a good thing that no one can get voted off in this show." Exactly. So anyone who's still in the race deserves to be in the race.

Frankly, I think all this hostility towards them will only fan their desire to win this race. They know that everyone is plotting against them and they will be yielded the next time someone has the chance. So nothing left to do but make sure they are always at the front of the pack so the rest won't have a chance in hell to even exercise the yield on them.

So I guess I'm supporting Rob and Amber this season. I must admit Rob is pretty smart for a construction worker. Yeah, he did kind of blurred the line between winning strategies and loyalty to friends the last time we saw him on TV, but I can tell deep down he's a good guy.

One thing I like about Amber is that she's not whiny, a very rare trait among girlfriends/fiances that I've seen in all seven seasons of The Amazing Race (apart from Kris from AR6 of course). She even kept quiet when Rob stole Debbie and Bianca's cab. Her silence says it all, she didn't approve but she thought it wouldn't cost anyone the race anyway because all the teams ended up waiting for the parking lot to open at 5AM. She doesn't say much throughout the race and the only remarks you can hear from her are words of encouragement to Rob. I think they work well together and this might take them to the final pitstop as winners.

Debbie and Bianca were okay too, apart from their initial stupidity of wanting to discuss about everything and the constant animosity towards Rob and Amber with no apparent reason. They could have been the first all-girl team to win the race. I think Rob knew that Debbie and Bianca are their main competition. He admitted to the camera that they are "tough chicks" and predicted Debbie to finish the Roadblock first instead of Patrick. But they didn't and they were eliminated. I think Rob would be pretty sorry to see them go.

Very exciting season and it's only just the first three episodes.

Go Rob and Amber!
Cheerleader Toss
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