Thursday, March 03, 2005

14 out of 24 ain't bad

So I got 14 correct predictions. Not bad.

I guess Eastwood's win was inevitable. I should've known better. Next time always go for the movie that makes you cry. Yeah... yeah... you caught me. I cry at movies okay.

I guess the Academy has also learned not to wait until someone dies to give recognition and so Morgan Freeman got his golden statue. I guessed wrong for best supporting actress but I did told Portman to watch out for Blanchett, didn't I?

All in all, I got the rest of the main categories right except for best song. That was a lucky guess anyway. I thought since Phantom is such a great musical then the song should get an Oscar as well. But after I get to hear all the nominated songs, it didn't have a chance really.

Anyway... the reason why it took me 3 days to talk about the Oscar is because TV3 did one hell of a f***ed up job airing the prime time telecast or 8TV did one hell of a f***ed up job recording it in the first place. There. I said it. It's sooooo good to get that off my chest.

I am so damn serious about the Oscar that I always took the day off to watch the live telecast (Yeah I'm a freak. I don't need anyone to tell me that). But since I changed jobs that's not possible anymore. So I eagerly waited for night to come, hoping that I won't 'accidently' hear the results on the radio. It was also the one time that I'm grateful that I cannot access the Internet at my office.

First of all, they didn't show the red carpet segment. Then, they screw up the audio for 30 freakin' minutes and only indicated they know about this after 15 minutes of distorted sound. And most annoying thing of all, they cut out parts of the show. What the hell? No wonder the show can end in 2 and a half hours. After they announced best actor I was like, "Wait a minute... they're not suppose to do this yet." For all you know they announced best picture and everyone was getting out of their seats. I felt cheated.

Who are they to decide which parts that we want to see anyway? Before I knew it I didn't get to hear Learn to be Lonely from Phantom of the Opera, and I didn't know why Chris Rock's accountants wanting to talk to Sean Penn should be funny.

I was puzzled as to why some parts were not shown. Did one of the presenters moon the audience?
Moony 3
Did a winner flipped the finger to show his appreciation?
Flipping The Finger
What happened???
God! I think I wasted 3 hrs of my time which could have been invested to other more important activities... like blogging for instance Dumb

Don't they practice professionalism in broadcasting? What's wrong with putting up a notice before the show like, "This program has been edited to fit the time constraint". I would totally understand that.

Eventually I did get to see the missing parts when Star Movies showed it last night, though I have to switch channels a lot because CSI was on. But then it has to rain at that time and you know how Astro is. So I didn't get to see much of CSI either. Anyway, I get to hear Learn to be Lonely and I finally get the accountant joke.

I wonder who Beyonce has to sleep with to be featured in 3 out of 5 performances? Or should I be asking who Jay-Z has to sleep with? Is Hollywood running out of talents already? I would have loved to hear Minnie Driver sing. How come she didn't just go ahead and sing all the nominated song anyway? Maybe she knows her limits. Thank God. I mean can you imagine her singing Accidently in Love and does she even know Spanish?

It's wonderful that Jorge Drexler's sang a portion of his song as his acceptance speech. I don't think he speak English anyway. But then, why not? Who cares what they can and cannot understand. We took the effort to learn their language didn't we? Man, if I were to receive an Oscar I would deliver my speech in Malay. Let them be the ignorant for once.
Additional thought (4 Mar 2005): Better yet I will hire some aspiring actors and place them among the audience. On my cue they will laugh very loud at my Malay jokes and then the rest can truly feel like the ignorant

And I missed the first episode of The Amazing Race! Can you believe it? How can I forget? I need to start noting 'important' stuff like this in my diary.

In an unrelated event, this is officially Kampung Gal in the City's 100th post. Hey! If TV shows can celebrate their 100th episode then I can celebrate my 100th post. So take out the sparkling water and drink up!

Happy 100th Post!
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