Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Perils of men Part II

Okay. I'm ready to post the next instalment of this subject. Read the first part here.

Let's continue the series with Abang Ali. It doesn't really involve any vengeful act but it does make a funny addition to this sombre post.

Getting extra help

Like I mentioned before, Abang Ali has a 'gift' and one day a girl came up to him. She has a crush on this guy but she's too shy to make the first move so she asked for Abang Ali's help. Now Abang Ali is a good guy and he does not use his gifts carelessly but he did help this girl. I don't know what he did exactly but I'm thinking somewhere along the line of making her more noticable and desirable in the guy's eyes. It worked and the girl and guy hooked up.

One fine day, the girl came back to Abang Ali asking for his favors again. It seems that the effect is wearing off and the guy is not devoted to her like he used to. But Abang Ali refused her immediately. The girl didn't give up and pursued him relentlessly, calling him day and night asking him to help her again.

Then one day Abang Ali, not taking it anymore, said to her,
"Saya tau apa yg kamu buat kat rumah laki tu dari 8 pagi sampai 8 malam!"
[I know what you did in that man's house from 8 am to 8pm!]

The girl, shocked with what he said, immediately stopped hounding him.

Ok, if you still don't get it here's what happened. The girl had pre-marital sex with this guy. Abang Ali is known to use the holy words of the Quran so of course the effects got cancelled lor. She knew that Abang Ali knew what she did but I guess she didn't expect him to know the exact time and place of the offense. Lol

That was one good story. I will never forget this and I will tell it to anyone I know and that's why I want to share it with you. Don't expect to get any 'extra' help without doing your part of the bargain ya!

This next story I'm sorry to say hit too close to home. My sister's home to be exact.

Striking unlawful vengeance

My brother-in-law worked at a pharmaceutical company for a few years until a friend asked him to join in a business venture. This was about 12 yrs ago. My BIL agreed and he packed his whole family (my sister and son) to Kelantan. He seems to be doing well and they stayed there for a couple of years.

I guess the business didn't do well and his family moved back to KL and rented the house owned by my parents.

A few years passed and now they have three kids. Suddenly my BIL just can't hold a secure employment anymore. Everything was just not right for him. Until one he didn't work at all. Money becomes tight and he even had to sell his car. My sister stopped working when she got married and so didn't bring in any steady income. But she makes it up with whatever limited skills she has. She did anything and everything like babysitting and sewing just to pull her family through, everyday praying that her husband will have enough sense to start taking responsibility.

It's very hard to raise three kids with no steady income. And I think my parents did help by not demanding the rent and most probably gave them money sometimes. They can't let their grandkids starve for God's sakes! Please take note that I'm not mentioning my BIL's family since their 'presence' were not felt during this period. Just leave it at that.

This goes on for a few years and I can only imagine the weight that my sister (and my parents) had to bear seeing her family like this.

One day, another friend of my BIL came over for a visit bringing someone along with him and they spent the night there. The next day this friend of my BIL's friend came up to my BIL and my sister and said, "There's something wrong with this house". After getting my BIL's permission, he scouted the area and detected that there's something foreign buried in the front lawn and something is smeared all over the pole of the front porch. My sister found out later that one of the materials used was dog's pee. Ugh!

Anyway, the guy managed to clean up everything. Just a few months after that my BIL got hold of a good employment. But then there's the question of who was inconsiderate enough to do such a thing to him and his family.

The answer came pretty easy actually. Because my sister told me that she remembered some time back the driver of my BIL's ex-business partner turned up at their gate. Since it's rude to turn guests away, he was welcomed and he end up spending the night there. He must have did all the horrible deeds, burying the thing and smearing the pole with dog pee, sometime during the night. Must have been his idea of a great gift for the host ha? I guess he acted under the order of his boss but maybe his balls weren't big enough to say no.

These foul things were probably put there to slam shut the pintu rezeki and killed all the prosperity that the family might have. That's why my BIL just can't seem to hold a job. Must have been his ex-partner's way to get back at my BIL for leaving the business. I can't stand this kind of ppl.
"Kalau tak puas hati cakap depan-depan la!" [If something's bothering you, talk face-to-face la!]
Don't be such a coward and send your driver to do the dirty job for you asshole!

I've seen the shows on TV and living in a Malay housing area, I've heard the stories too. But it had never crossed my mind that something like this would happen to a member of my own family. Makes you think what kind of life you'll be having with all these negativity around you.

But I'm not a person who's easily scared. I don't read horror just to close it before it ends. I know there's a risk for a girl to travel anywhere alone but it doesn't stop me from doing anything or going anywhere I like. But I do practice caution and thank God until today I've never had my bag snatched or worst, get killed. Unless, I was killed and this blog is haunted...

Okay that was a bad joke.

But how do you protect yourself against something that you cannot see?
"What can men do against such reckless hate?"

Returning the favor is one good option but then you will just be as bad as them.
"Don't play with pigs. You'll get dirty and they're gonna love it."

I just can't find any definite answer for this question. So for now, the least I can do is pray to God that my family and I are protected against the dark hearts of malicious human beings and the dangerous things that they are capable of.

I can only pray and pray I do.

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