Saturday, December 10, 2005

And then there were three

Yesterday was the day that my brother officially ended his bachelor days. It has been so long since my family organized a wedding. The last one was my eldest brother's about 13 years ago.

This is my first experience of being closely a part of a wedding from the groom's side. During my first bro's wedding I was at boarding school. Though I was home when it was my family's turn to hold the wedding reception.

Overall, not so bad. Not as bad as the girl's side I must say. I think the most nerve-wrecking part about the whole thing was that small two-minute ceremony called the akad. So much so that some people had to do it twice... if you're lucky... like it was in my brother's case. Some had to do it a few times. Though two times is the most that I've witnessed so far.

After one hour of waiting, the most important man in the ceremony,
Tok Kadi, finally arrived.

Attending a wedding can be a nice experience unless you're holding a camera and would like to capture some significant moments for memory. You have to fight through these people first.
Eyes of the lense is on you kid

For each professional photographer and his crew there must have been 5 amateur photographers, including me. But I was so pissed off with my cousin when I tried to get a shot of this one important moment. She was so busy trying to capture the scene on her camera phone that when I finally asked her to give me a chance, all I got was this...
Supposed to be a picture of my brother kissing his father-in-law's hand.
Turned out to be a picture of my brother kow-towing to his father-in-law.

My new Sony DSC-T5's first night out was a bit bumpy. I'm still don't know how to adjust the setting to suit the surrounding. There was a lot of trial and error, and shots with people's backs. My shutter speed is pretty slow so my subjects still get to move after I press the button. A lot of blurry shots.

So I tried to minimize getting official group shots for anyone. I was afraid it would turn out ugly in the end and pisses everyone in the process. A lot of it were stolen shots like the time the couple took a picture with both parents. I mean you have to let the professionals do their job right? Why the hell we pay them for? So my job as the amateur photographer was to take snapshots from another point of view.
A train of people climbing towards the bilik pengantin.

This afternoon was the wedding reception and next Sunday is my family's turn to bear the headache. In the meantime My Sony (and me) will need more practice for its next day out on the scene.
See. Even a self portrait is blurry.

Hopefully after this I will update my photoblog more often .

Note: If anyone happen to recognize anybody, please feel free to keep it to yourself. Thank you Image hosted by


Willwolf said...

How come blurry pictures? Did you set the flash to either red-eye mode or slow-sync mode? Anyway, you just need more practice only.

Kampung Gal said...

I did set it to red-eye. It causes the blurriness?

Desparil said...

hey, i recognised.. nobody..haha.. so, how many people asked you THE question?

Kampung Gal said...

quite a few and still counting :)

Zed said...

heh heh at least your brother is starting off on the right foot... kow towwing to father-in-law is probably a very good idea =)

when camera is set to red-eye the flash, flashes twice rapidly. so often people move their camera thinking that the picture is already taken. so must stay posing lama sikit lah he he or if taking the picture, need to wait a bit longer. cheers.

Oreos said...

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