Sunday, May 21, 2006

Guys and dolls

I'm so excited. My favorites always win this time around or almost win.

My favorite team in The Amazing Race won the million bucks. But not before they almost gave me a heart attack on that last Road Block. The Frat Boys got there first but the one who finish first counts and The Hippies got it!

A while back, in the studios of America's Next Top Model, I was really rooting for Kahlen. She's got an interesting look and take great photos but yet her innocence got in the way.

Meanwhile, in the American Idol arena my favorite guy Taylor Hicks got into the finals! I knew he had a chance to get into the finals but now that Chris is out I'm thinking he could really win this. I don't hate Catherine but I just can't see her doing a pop album. She is a good singer but I think she was born in the wrong era. You can say the same about Taylor too but give him a pop song, he will just put his soulful touch to it. But give Katherine a pop song she will just slaughter it.

Taylor can be the next American Idol but then once upon a time I thought Bo could be too. So you'll never know. But I'll keep my fingers crossed.

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Along said...

Yeah, the hippies won!! Too bad the frat boys spent their college years on booze and girls, instead of memorizing the flags of the world. Heehehee..

I was rooting for Kahlen too. I think she's much better then Naima. But then the might Tyra has spoken,!

Yeah, let Hicks win. With Katherine, it'll be like another Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood.