Sunday, May 21, 2006

Ode to a chicken

Why did you go in there? Of all places?

My air-cond was busted a few days ago. It wasn't like it was not cold enough, it was totally out, kaput, not working. I turned the knob to ON and not even a breathe came out. This happened on Thursday.

I finally got the chance to send my car to a workshop today. I wanted to go a shop I usually go to but it was closed so I went to the nearest shop around. He poked and prodded, opened that cover that's covering the air-cond controller thingy on that dashboard thingy and then pried open the radio cover, took out my radio and poked and prodded under there too. After half an hour the diagnosis was there's something wrong with the compressor. I have to change it. It will cost me RM380 plus the gas they will put in and I thought,

"Hell.....No "

I'm not that well-versed about cars but I kind of get the feeling it doesn't have to do with the compressor. I think it has something to do with wiring because right before my air-cond konk-out on me I heard a crackling sound like a short circuit.

So I said, "Never mindlah. I'll come back later." I don't have RM380 in my wallet anyway.

So I went to another shop that I usually go to too in emergency cases because it was nearer to my house. The other one I usually go for service because it's near to a LRT station so I can leave my car there and traipsied to some other place more entertaining.

So, I went there and the guy opened the hood and immediately said,
"Ada tikus mati ka?" (Did a rat died in here?)
"Tak tahu" (I don't know)
"Ada bau la" (There's a smell)"
He took a torchlight and showed me. Sure enough there's a dead something right next to the air-cond compressor.
"Cuci dulu baru boleh tengok air-cond. Tak tahan bau la" (Clean it first. Can't stand the smell)

He had to take put my bumper before cleaning the engine and used a stick to shove it out while joking around how I don't feed the rat and it ended up dying in there and I laughed along.
Ha Ha

It finally came out, a round, black, furry thing. I didn't look close enough but I don't think it was a rat. No rat that big can be found in my neighborhood. You can find in the Petaling Street but not at my house. And then I realized something.

"Itu tikus ke ayam?" (Was that a rat or a chicken?)
"Ayam" (Chicken)

When the late chicken was out and my engine is nice and clean (but still smells), he went off I don't know where. I guess he had to wait for the engine to dry a bit and I said a prayer for the chicken.

He came back half hour later and I saw that my air-cond is back on again. Of course, being the good sales person that he is, he started rehashing.

"Service air-cond la"
"Okla. How much?"
"Tengok dulu part mana mau tukar"
(See which parts need changing first)

So he checked and he came back with a treatment proposal. I have to change 2 parts and it will cost me RM268.

"Hell..... No "

I usually pay no more than RM100 for an air-cond service. Around this time I've been waiting for an hour. I really have to go to my part time job so after he cried and begged (ok he didn't cry) and convinced me that his is a professional service, he's giving me original parts...
Blah Blah Blah I just agreed.

One hour later I still see no one looking after my car. That guy disappeared again to God knows where. When I asked the boss he said they guy went to get the parts. It took him an hour to get the parts. I was already pissed before he got back.

He came back still laughing, showing me the original parts that he got for me. But you know what, after awhile, even a clown's humor will run out. I just gave him a crooked smile.

He did his thing and I finally got my car back.
Total waiting time: 3 hours.

I paid what's due to the dollar (no discount at all, though he showed me a can of air-cond oil that he claimed to have cost RM45 that he's giving me for free). I just closed one eye and handed the boss the money since he did clean out that late chicken for me.

Oh little chick-a-dee
Where did you come from?
I thought I ate the last one of you last Raya
Why, oh why did you go in there? Of all places?
Where did you come from
But I hope you're in a better place now
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I do hope that there is such thing as a chicken heaven.


Desparil said...

that chicken.. was it a key ring?

i'm sad that the frat boys lost. the hippies are nice guys but the just got on my nerves. the frat boys always lead.. and have everybody catch up at the airport. kesian betul.

taylor hicks can't really sing lah. he's fine doing live performances but masuk recording.. hancus. long live kat mcphee!

Kampung Gal said...

which chicken? the one in my engine?
It was a real chicken la...

Oit! cakap baik2 pasal Mr Hicks aaa... he can really sing la. dengar dia nyanyi 'You are so beautiful' and recording ok gak. I just downloaded 'Taking it to the street'. Ni mesti tengok rupa ni...