Saturday, September 02, 2006

Happy Birthday, My Love

My 2nd favorite guy in the whole wide world. He has a band, still single, plays ice hockey, has a debatable acting skills (but he is improving I must say) and he makes me smile everytime I see his face. All in all, the only guy that I'm willing to admit I love just for his looks.

Keanu as the bogus Ted

Keanu as him handsome usual self

Come on... What's not to love?

Happy 42nd Birthday, Keanu!


Along said...

Oh My God!!!

You are only one of 2 people I know who would publicly mention they are in love with Keanu Reeves.

I do not know whether to laugh or sigh.

ps: I'm back in the blogging world. Work can p**s off, for all I care. :D

Kampung Gal said...

You must ask around. I personally know 3 people.