Thursday, June 30, 2005

The last straw

I am so unlucky when it comes to machinery or electronics, like cars and computers.

My car always makes some strange noise like now I will sometimes hear a sigh when I press the accelerator or the break. Sounds like my cat asking for food. And I always manage to find some new scratches now and then. Meanwhile, my computer keeps dying on me no matter how careful I am with it or how much I upgraded it or reformat it.

Last week was the last straw.

Someone banged into my car, unhooking my front bumper and folded it out for about 25 degrees. Though I managed to 'fold' it back in and secure it, it will come off sometimes and dangle like a loose tooth. I have to tie it with 'tali raffia' now. The guy gave me RM150 by the way, so no biggie there. But then I have to go without my car for a few days to get it fixed.

Just my 'luck', I'm having a break next week between my current employment and the new one. So I won't mind leaving my car at the shop for a few days. A good time to fix some other bumps and bruises as well.

Then, my computer which used to spit and sputter every three months has finally drawn its final breath. I sent it to the regular shop (if it's a clinic, it would have a big file on my computer) and told me that I need to replace my motherboard and in the process change the processor, the casing and the RAM.

Which is totally not the right time for me. Not only do I need to fix my car, my paycheck has not been that prompt lately (will tell you why in later post). This throws my whole budget off.

But the price to resuscitate my computer was not that bad. It sure beats buying a new computer.So I went ahead with the procedure and you could say that I have a new PC, what with the new processor, RAM and less than a year old hard disk.

Since I've also replaced the monitor and the mouse, the only original parts that are left from the day I bought this set are the floppy disk and the keyboard. The rest are practically new or borrowed (like the old monitor that brother gave to me). I even have to buy a new speaker. I just hope that this will survive until I have enough to buy a new one.

Okay. I got everything done yesterday. I was so excited to use this 'new' PC. I'm getting a clear view with this old but still working monitor, I got my new bigger, bulkier CPU hogging my table, I got the new speaker that belts out less-than-desirable quality sound from the new Seal CD I just bought. I was so ready to blog again. And then... what the %&^$^!!!! I can't get into blogger?!?!?!?!? Image hosted by

So I called tmnet but they can't resolve this through the phone. They have to fill in a report, they need to send a technician over (some help he was). I still can't access blogger (plus a few other important websites as well). And yet, when I try my dial-up connection, I can get into blogger. So now I'm using my 56K dial-up connection to blog. Can you imagine my frustration? You know what they say, once you go broadband you can never go back.

So if you're wondering about my absence from the blogosphere, this is my story. And I just realized that I cannot live without a personal computer.

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