Wednesday, September 14, 2005

It's down to the wire

Another post about Rockstar: Inxs.

Man, I cannot remember the last time I ever felt so passionate about a show before. I guess I just love rock music and the contestants are sooooo good.

This is the only show so far that I can agree with the final outcome. Those that go before this are the ones I don't feel sorry to see gone. Three of them are the ones that I've been rooting for from the beginning, Suzie, Mig & JD. I'm even beginning to like Marty a bit. And this time around I even thrown in a couple of votes.
I can't help it, they're just great I can't just sit and watch.

There's no doubt that they all can sing and have the talent to put out great performances (if you haven't realized yet, there is a difference between 'singing' and 'performing', especially when it comes to a rock show). So how will Inxs chose the ONE person who will be their lead singer?

Today's clinic was one-on-one time with the band. This is the chance for Inxs to see how they are personality-wise. Watching their deliberation after talking to all four of them, I can understand their predicament if they want to make a choice based on the interviews.

Marty is not one of my favourites. For one thing he looks weird. He has this pasty white skin and deep blue eyes that kind of reminds me of a vampire. He's also known as the 'Conductor Marty' because he sometimes would wave his arm around like a conductor. He's also known to scream a lot throughout his performance. After taking Inxs' advice and toning it down a bit, he actually sounded a lot better. He likes to stick to modern rock in his song choices which I think shows lack of diversity. This issue has been raised before and he said that he hopes to bring Inxs to the next level and embrace the modern rock scene if he becomes the lead singer. I find that a bit cocky and self-centered which is what Inxs mentioned in the clinic. But they call it self-confident and controlling. Another thing that I don't like about Marty is that any answers that he gave so far always sounded nice and a bit rehearsed. His answers are always diplomatic, which makes me wonder if he's really sincere or just saying what people wanted to hear.
No of times in the bottom three: 1
My favourite performances: Wish You Were Here (Pink Floyd) and his original song, Trees

Mig. Mig Mig Mig. There's always talk of the 'bad guy in rock 'n roll'. Well Mig is the 'nice guy of rock 'n roll'. If Marty has all the diplomatic answers, Mig is the father of diplomacy. His very tolerant and nice to just about everyone and everything. I truly believe that there is no mean bone in that great body of his. Some of the rockers would sometimes fight over a song and so would Mig, at first, but later would relent to the other party. He's just so nice that way. This guy is so nice that when he had a chance to showcase his own song, he wrote a ballad. Mig Mig Mig... Inxs even commented that they couldn't see Inxs singing that kind of song in the future. After the one-on-one session, Inxs contemplate his personality. They admit that he's a very nice guy from the start but they need to see a little bit of edginess in him. They agreed that he does look like a rockstar but the question is, is he a rockstar? Another troubling thing about Mig is, he has never been in the bottom three, so Inxs (and the public) has never heard him sing Inxs songs. After all, it is about the band. He may be good at singing rock songs (and ballads), but can he take on Inxs?
No. of times in the bottom three: nil
My favourite performances: hmm.... do I have a favourite? All his performances have always been nice but strangely I cannot recall any one of them. I do remember him doing Baby, I Love Your Way (Peter Frampton) which was... nice, and got him an encore but I hate the song, so... I don't know.

Suzie. Sweet little Suzie may not be so sweet after all. Apart from her sweet demeanor she's also known for drinking beer from JD's toes and taking a bite out of a butt-cake. But she does have the strongest voice out of the whole bunch, which Inxs noticed. She also has the knack to give emotionally charged performances everytime. In one of the clinics, the contestants have to record a new Inxs single and she nailed it the first time. However, she has also been in the bottom three more times than any other contestants. But here she is, the only female rocker left to continue the fight. Inxs has a great respect for her and I think it's kind of cute when Kirk (or was it Tim?) stood up when Suzie walked in for her interview. She crumbled in the interview process. She fumbled over her words and at times draw a blank. She admitted that she cannot handle stress very well, which may not be good because she needs to handle the press if she wins this thing. She still got my votes anyway.
No. of times in the bottom three: 5
My favourite performances: Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen), Bring It Home to Me (Sam Cooke) and the first time she sang Never Tear Us Apart (Inxs)

JD. One thing's for sure, he's one very arrogant dude and very controversial. He's like the antithesis of Mig. However he is also the most focused. There is no doubt that he wants this job badly. Watching his emotions thorughout the show is like riding a roller coaster. He's very adamant on winning this thing and yet bumped out at some of the challenges thrown at him. At one stage, the rockers were divided into 2 groups and they were asked to write the melody and lyrics to a new music that Inxs wrote. The one who wrote the best song will be rewarded. They were some creative disputes in JD's group and he finally refused to be any part of the presentation to Inxs. "That's not being in a band," Jordis said. "We're not in a band, we're competing to be in a band," he replied. Jordis was right however. After assessing both groups Dave and Andrew revealed that they were not actually evaluating the song, but how they work as a group and so JD's group lost. Dave was curious about JD's version and asked him to perform it anyway. His version ended being the best of the three presented that day. In another clinic, they were supposed to record the new single with Inxs, everyone else was practising but JD took a nap so you might guessed it, he gave the worst recording session among the five.
He look like a tough nut to crack but there are always moments when he shows the other side of JD. Once, when he was performing We Are the Champions, he saw his sister in the audience whom he haven't seen for a year, and he cracked. He almost cried and he did when he went down to give his sister a hug. Can you imagine, you were singing...
We are the champions my friend
We'll keep on fighting till the end
We are the champions
No time for losers
and then you cried....
On the other hand, he's the most creative in both performing and songwriting. He always makes a point to make all the cover songs different. He rearranged California Dreamin' (The Mamas and the Papas), Hand in My Pocket (Alanis Morisette) and Come As You Are (Nirvana), and they all turned out great. His original Pretty Vegas has been performed three times, and you can see Inxs singing along and nodding their heads to the beat. It's not impossible to see this song featured on the new Inxs album if he wins. In addition, he sings Inxs songs really well. Take away his cockiness and arrogance he would be perfect for Inxs. He got my votes too.
No. of times in the bottom three: 2
My favourite performance: True to my theory that he's the antithesis of Mig, I like most of his performances: California Dreamin', Come As You Are, Money (Pink Floyd), and his original song Pretty Vegas, all three times that he get to sing it.

So, with Marty's great visions and sudden show of control, Suzie's great voice and lack of confidence, Mig's nice guy attitude, and JD's creative flair and cockiness, who will you pick to lead your band?

Apart from the great performances and drama in the show, I also get to relive some great songs that I forgot I liked (don't ask how). After watching the show I will always discover a few songs that I should have downloaded so long ago. From the show itself I was inspired to download....
  • REM's Everybody Hurts
  • Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody
  • Radiohead's Creep
  • Stone Temple Pilots' Interstate Love Song
  • Even though I never heard any Pink Floyd before (accept for The Wall) Marty got me interested in Wish You Were Here
In addition I also downloaded some of the rockers' performances like...
  • Suzie's By My Side, Never Tear Us Apart and Bring it Home to Me
  • Marty's Trees and Wish You Were Here
  • and JD's Pretty Vegas
Tomorrow is the final elimination and next week would be the finale where three rockers would get to sing some new Inxs songs. Should be a blast. But the finale also means the end of the show, where am I suppose to get my musical inspiration after that?

One thing's for sure, I'm gonna be so bored after this.

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