Thursday, September 01, 2005

Sorry for the inconvenience

I know I haven't update my photoblog for a long while now but recently I find it quite shocking that the number of visits has shoot up to 2000+.

I hope that they are all new visitors because if it's not that means some people have been clicking on it expecting to find something new. Sorry! Nothing new since... *gasp* March.

Very sorry if I caused you any inconvenience. I hope you realize that I'm very kampung when it comes to technology so I'm still using the old camera, you know, the kind that uses film. So I have to send it for developing, I have to scan it first, only then can I put it up.

I've been wanting to put more photos but I just can't allocate the time to do it. I got an idea of what to put up already. I was thinking of posting photos from my travelling days in US. I got a lot of those...

So, don't fret. And don't bother clicking on the link now if you have done so in the past *gasp* FIVE months. (Damn... is it that long already? I'm so bad...) I promise I will tell you when I put up some new photos.

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