Wednesday, July 06, 2005

I hate to admit it

But it's true.

(From a forwarded e-mail)
******************begin e-mail*********************
Girls are still girls!

    BF : What do you want to eat??
    GF : Anything will do......
    BF : Ok, chicken rice then.
    GF : But I don't feel like having rice leh....
    BF : Ok, mee goreng then.....
    GF : Don't want, too oily.....
    BF : Fishball noddle soup....
    GF : Yeeeee...So plain....
    BF : Then what you want???
    GF : Anything lor......


    Me: What do you don't want to eat? Rice or
    Wife: Er..don't want rice
    Me: Ok, so anything with noodles is fine?
    Wife: Yes
    Me: Soup or dry?
    Wife: Anything

    In the end, we still couldn't find out what she
    really wants.


    Another scenario when going shopping with girl,

    girl: (holding up two clothes) which one is nice?
    boy: the blue one looks nicer
    girl: is it? I thought the black one is more classy
    boy: I agree, take the black one then
    girl: But then, the blue one looks quite nice too
    boy: yeah
    girl: which one is better ?

    if boy answer 'black', girl will say he keeps
    changing his mind and never shows sincererity and care

    if boy answer 'blue', girl will say, " told you that
    the black one looks more class"

    But no matter what the boy says, the girl will
    eventually choose the one
    she has already decided beforehand. A lot of the times,
    the girl might even put the two clothes back (after

    extensive trying) and
    says not interested anymore. really don't know what she


    This is quite true but not totally. Not all the time girls are
    like this.


******************end e-mail****************************

Kampung Gal : But I try not to be this type of girl cause I myself find indecisive people annoying.

"Free at last! Free at last! God Almighty, I'm free at last!"

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