Friday, July 15, 2005

Zodiac Characteristics of Capricorn Woman

[comments in brackets and in red are by me]

By Pankaj Khanna [Pankaj who?]

Physical Appearance

  • The Capricorn women in her early years is normally slender and somewhat weak. Her general demeanour lacks confidence. However there is definitive improvement in her constitution after 16 years of age. [True]
  • The nose is generally long and the eyes are deep set. The face bears a forlorn look. The body below the waist is normally on the thinner side. [Not in my case, on the top part I mean. I must say my ass is pretty slim]
  • Overall appearance of a Capricorn woman is however of a smart and attractive woman. [Mmm... True?]

Mental Attitude

  • You have a strong ability to think and you can understand the human nature the way no one else does. [True but "understand the human nature the way no one else does" sounds pretty strong to me]
  • You also have the ability to analyse and understand any concept well and shall possess a good memory. Therefore you will prove good at all professions that require analytical thinking and understanding. [False. I must admit I have very bad short-term memory. I always find myself going into a room and forgetting what I wanted to do. I blame second-hand smoking]
  • The Capri woman also has the tendency to postpone her actions till the time she is able to clearly see the consequences of what she does.[True]

General Nature

  • You are quite a reticent person that is you do not speak much. It is not very natural for you to just smile & make friends. It also translates - you are not a party animal. You are modest and polite and do not believe in showing off.[Very true]
  • You have a deep understanding of human nature and think and understand the concepts of life and human beings well.When a Capri woman makes friends, she keeps them for a life time.[I don't know but I still keep in touch, though not regularly, with friends from Form 4. That's 13 years of friendship for you]
  • It is not easy to cheat you. You have a very business savvy nature Methodical working, prudence and the ability to carry on even in most adverse circumstances makes Capricorn people most successful.[I hope this is true in my case]
  • Women born in this sign are great organisers and have enormous tolerance, patience and steady nature.[True] You are capable of building a team in which you will not have any favoritism but shall deal with people according to their capacity to deliver goods.[Never been tested] You are highly tactful, diplomatic, clever, cunning and selfish. [True, yeah even the selfish part]
  • However on the flip side, if you allow your negative side to dominate, you can easily transform into a cunning person with the ability to cheat others and use them for selfish purposes.[I'll try my best not to allow my negative side to dominate]


  • Depression, discontentment, worries and the tendency to keep yourself extremely busy tells on your digestive system.[On my what?]
  • Skin diseases, injuries to kneecap and dislocations of joints are the other most common problems that a Capri woman faces.[I have read many readings that include this and it's true. I do have problems with my joints and some minor skin problems. I guess I need to watch out]


  • Conservative by nature, prudent and economical - a Capricorn women can amass a lot of wealth in her life.[Wealth? What wealth? I don't see any wealth around here]
  • You do not waste money but save it slowly and steadily.[Huh? I do?] The investments made by you are those which will give you steady and safe income without risk. [Oh really? I'll keep that in mind]
  • However it is also not uncommon for Capri woman to indulge in sporadic spending spree - leading to temporary financial hassles.[Ah... that sounds more like me]

Romance And Sex Life

  • A capricorn woman loves from heart. You will not tell people about your love, sometimes not even to the person you love. You shall like simple people with simple lifestyles. You develop strong emotional love for your man and are very sincere and true in your relationships. [Never been tested]
  • Being a practical woman, you do not daydream about romance or involve yourself in casual flings or non serious relationships.[True, not true on the daydream part]
  • As you are systematic and organised, you can easily control your desires. You are calm and composed from outside even if inside your heart you are brimming of desire.[Oh really?]
  • Your naturalness and desire to rise above the ordinary keeps you a bit aloof but you can be more passionate then other females.[True, I do seem aloof in other words I try to keep it cool] You can be ignited by a simple caress. [Never been tested]
  • Your hot spots are toes, knees and naval cavity.[Never been tested]


  • You may not strongly want to marry-but you still do. [True] The deep emotional needs of the capricorn borns - along with the need for a stable family life leads to early marriage [what?] and they generally have very stable married life. [Amen]
  • You are an excellent home maker [I am?] and you like simple and elegant things-not bright colours but softer ones. [True]
  • Taking care of children comes very naturally to you and you can contribute significantly in rearing children into intelligent & sensible human beings. [Hehe... I hope so]
  • You will have a nature of not generally taking anybody in confidence [True] but you must develop more open relationship with your husband so that he can understand you better and misunderstandings do not crop up. [Okay, I'll take note of that]

Ideal Match

  • Gemini, Virgo, Taurus and Pisces are most suitable signs for you. [I've had a realtionship with a Pisces - didn't work out. And I did try to have something with a Gemini but we just don't have the chemistry, you know what I mean]


  • You are the one who is equally happy in leading a solitary or a socially busy life. If you are more sure of yourself, you will become more successful. [Taking note now]
  • However great expectations from your ownself and life, fear of future and remorse about the past, some times leads to great depressions for you.[I'll keep this in mind]
  • Plan your life properly and give time to everything and aim a bit low. Try to be contented. That will help you surely.[Aim low? Never!]

Lucky Days, Numbers And Colours

  • Fridays, Wednesdays and Saturdays are your lucky days.
  • 6, 8 & 9 are your lucky numbers.
  • White, green and light blue are your lucky colours.

[Yeah, yeah whatever]

Recommended Gemstones

  • Diamond, Emerald and Blue sapphire are your lucky Gemstones. The gemstone you should wear should be of a vibrant Aura and should never have been worn before. Its weight shall be decided as per your body weight and age [Heard that? "Never have been worn before." So no hand-me-downs for me okay!

To all Capricorn ladies out there, does this ring true for you?

I also have horoscope profiles for other signs. You can drop me a line and I'll pass it to you if you're interested to know.

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