Tuesday, July 26, 2005

With aching feet and a happy heart

It's kind of funny when I read Willwolf's comment on my post "It's not like I did it on purpose!" because I actually had the same thought. Maybe it was a sign because yesterday I got an offer from the other company I applied for.

I know I said that I preferred this company (B) but after listening to my friend's advice and after long consideration I decided not to accept it because...

1) It's much further than my current location and the pay is lower so income will not compensate the extra expenses.
2) The current bookstore I'm working in is my favourite.
3) My friend told me that the bookstore location that company B offered to me is ugly.
4) It's bad to up and leave so soon into your employment.
5) I don't need to worry about what to wear everyday.
6) I can save a lot of money by not worrying about clothes.
7) Inspite of the strict rules and the cow thing I feel that I can be happy with this company. They have high expectations but I'm confident that I can meet them. They also keep up a high sense of professionalism which I like. It's like what I heard someone said yesterday -- I would be proud to work for this company.

It's been 2 weeks at my new job and so far it's been good except for the part where I got in late on the first day and my aching feet..

The job is similar to what I was doing before just that now I'm handling bigger stocks and wider range of titles, in other words more tiring. In the 8 and a half hours of work, I only get to sit down for about 1 hour which is at lunch time. Give and take the time it takes to walk to the food place, walking to the table, walking back to work, yadayadayada, I was left with 45 minutes to let my butt do it's job.

I should be so lucky if a customer would ask me to help them check for a book, because then I will get a chance to sit, even though for a minute, to use the computer. But then I'm not really well-versed with the layout of the store and the customers tend to ask for some pretty weird titles. So there's still some anxiety whenever a customer came up to me asking for help.

But I understand that I do need to shelve the books and walk around a lot because then I can learn where everything is. I must say I'm getting good at locating a particular book, provided that the book falls under the category that I'm handling that is.

At the end of the day I will be quite exhausted with great pains on my feet and thighs. Thank God that I get 2 days off every week and I appreciate the fact that the off days are not consecutive. After three days, my enthusiasm, excitement, positive energy and great smiles that I gladly offer to the customers are running out and I walk kinda funny. Can you imagine working 5 days straight? But take away the pain and exhaustion, I'm pretty happy to go back to work the next day. And I expect to loose a few inches from my thighs and tummy.

Tomorrow is the start of my first 4-straight working day. I've had 2 weeks of 'body training' and my legs doesn't hurt that much anymore. But wish me luck anyway.

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