Sunday, July 03, 2005

Ni kira apa lak ni

4 days to go!

I can't believe that I could be so excited to leave my job at the bookstore that I have to count the days. Don't get me wrong, I do love working there but lately it's not as enjoyable as it used to.

If you've been following this mediocre blog of mine, you can guess that the main reason would be the 'secondment' to my boss' brother's office. If you're not a follower let me give you a brief history of what happened the past few months.

It started in April. It started with some small tasks that was passed to me by my boss. He would usually give me some documents and my job was to type it up in the computer. It could be letters or a spreadsheet. One day, he said to my manager (who shares my frustration with his work ethics) that I'm supposed to follow him to his brother's office. What I thought to be a one day stint turned out to be quite a nighmare. Read more here.

In May, my manager broke the news that I will be posted at this brother's office until end of the month. I took the news with a heavy heart but what can I do. He's the one who signs the cheques so I have to do what he says. For the whole month of May I was forced to do some mundane job of typing, coming up with spreadsheets using Excel, filling up application forms, and in between those tasks, develop the skill of staring at the computer and try to look busy even though I'm not doing anything.

1st June, I e-mailed my manager about my future with this company and she said that she will discuss this with the boss. The next day, my boss and I had 'the' discussion. He said that there's not much for me to do at the shop now that he only has one. Before this he had two shops in KL and I took care of the branch. But then he had to close the branch since it was not doing so well (from no fault of mine which is a God's honest truth!).

Ok, back to the discussion. So he said that there's not much for me to do at the shop and that at average I'm only needed 20% of the time. In the meantime, he thinks it is best that I come here and "earn some money" (a direct quote). He even said that there's not much for him to do there either. For him, the bookstore is not really a booming business and it's just a hobby for him. That's why he's here to help out his brother and "earn some money" for himself too.

"Well, if that's the case I want to ask you something," I said. "In my letter of employment it was mentioned that I need to give 3 months notice if I were to resign. Since you said that I'm not really needed at the bookstore, I was wondering if I can get a shorter period." Image hosted by

"I'm flexible. If you find a great offer, or you find a job at other bookstores I will consider. I can talk to my brother. It'll be okay." Image hosted by

So, that's how I got to give only 2 weeks notice of resignation instead of 3 months. Image hosted by And there's only 4 days left, and that's only because I overused my pro-rated annual leave by two and a half days.
Image hosted by

PS: My broadband connection is ok now.

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