Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Need a change of air?

2 days to go!

Need a change of air? Follow this simple procedure...
Please note: This procedure will only work if you are currently breathing in some uncomfortable air and not shaking legs planting grapes (aka "menanam anggur")

1) Buy paper everyday and check out the classifieds section first.

2) Cut out interesting vacancies.

3) Update your resume and write the best letters that you have ever written in your life.

4) E-mail/mail out the letters and resumes.

5) Wait.

6) Once invited for interview arrange for leave.

7) Think about what to wear to the interview.

8) Prepare your answer for 'the' question "Tell me about yourself"*.

9) Outline some questions you might want to ask them (try not to talk about benefits)*

10) Go for the interview.

11) Wait.

12) You can call them to check your application status or wait some more.

13) If invited for second interview follow step 6 & 7.

14) Do some research on the company background that's interviewing you.

15) See step 10 to 12.

16) Repeat step 6 to 15 with other companies if you want.

17) You got an offer, you don't have to agree immediately. Tell them you will consider and call them back in a few days*.

18) Informed your employer of your wish to resign. Try to negotiate notice of resignation.

19) Once, everything is settled and agreed upon with your current employer, call your prospective employer with the earliest date that you can join them. (Note: You can negotiate benefits and remuneration here)*

20) Write letter of resignation and submit to your soon-to-be ex-employer.

21) Take the friend who gave you the tip out for lunch.

22) Collect your letter offer from future employer.

23) Say goodbye to ex-colleaques and hello to life-long friends.

24) Blog about it. On second thought, feel free to blog about it at any step of the way.

(Forgot one step - E-mail all your friends about it)

25) Say hi to new colleaques, new bosses and new problems.

a) If you are not progressing at any level of this procedure, repeat step 1.

*Tips learned from Job Interviews for Dummies

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