Wednesday, January 19, 2005

I'm still on vacation la

Previously, I said that I need a really-relaxed vacation type and you know what, I think I'm having one now. At least, a vacation from my mother.

The story is, my sister and her husband went for their haj last week, leaving a son at a boarding school and 3 kids at home with a maid. So, my parents need to stay over at my sister's place to oversee their 3 little grandkids like sending them to school, make sure they eat right, finish their homework bla bla bla.

So now it's just me, my brother and my cats in the house. My routine for the past 3 days has been: wake up, shower, feed the cat, go to work, got back from work, feed the cat, watch tv, feed the cat, watch tv, eat, feed the cat, watch dvd and sleep. Yep, I'm turning into a couch potato without the couch (we don't have one in front of the tv), maybe a mat potato then. My portable dvd has been hooked to the living room tv since I got back from Bali and I have been watching dvds every night until I fell asleep in front of the tv. This is the life!

One setback though - there's no food in the house. Mouth At Side
It's raining. Finally. No need to water my mum's orchids. Happy

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