Monday, January 24, 2005

To all Idol hopefuls

  • If you want to be cocky, make sure you have the talent to back it up (lesson from Dirk)
  • If you do have the talent, don't rub it in the judges' face (lesson from Jeremy)
  • Leave your fan club members at home (lessons from Joseph Schoen)
  • You would be better of leaving your over-proud egotistical mother at home (lesson from Aa'shia Jackson)
  • If you did get through but your friend/student don't, don't spoil it by being a drama queen (lesson from Angel)
  • If you have families and friends saying you can sing like Brian McKnight, shoot them! Shoot them alllll!!!!!!!! (lesson from Maurice Thomas)

These are the lessons I've learned from watching the American Idol St Louis audition. What fun!

25 Jan : Forgot to add this. These lessons may have been acquired from American Idol but I seriously think they apply to everyone regardless of geography. So, watch out Malaysian Idol hopefuls.

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iblogme said...

Hahaha. I watched it, too. Family is sometimes the least dependable judges of your voice. I DID expect that guy to sound like Brian McKnight!

Oh, what a fun watch it was. :D