Thursday, January 20, 2005

What did I do?

I can't believe I didn't watch The Amazing Race and the new episode of CSI just to watch American Idol.

Is watching their desperate and very often funny antics to get noticed more interesting than a re-enactment of how a cork opener can go through someone's neck? Heck yeah!

First stop for the search of the next American Idol begins in Washington DC where Simon declared that he's heard the weirdest voice he had ever heard, and then found another one later on in the same day. First it was with Toni Braxton's own cousin, Derek Braxton. That guy was singing into his lungs rather than out. I don't know how to describe it. It was like he was sucking the notes in instead of throwing it out. Believe me, I agree with Simon on this one. His performance was weird. The next proud owner of a weird voice is Michelle Fisher. She sang Desree's Kissing You (I love this song!) and slaughtered it mercilessly.

Other notable disasters are

  • Violet-eyed Aven Moore, who may hold the record for the longest note but still can't sing. I still can't believe he sang Tomorrow, from the movie Annie. It totally didn't sit well with his purply image.
  • Self-proclaimed wacky, crazy and fun Jillian Bennet put on a theatrical rendition of Cherie's I'm Ready. I guess she was a bit too wacky for America.
  • Next came Melissa "I got class even though I don't have the money" Considine. Her dress could not save her this time. The judges were able to see through her ruffles and metallic accesories and see for what she was, someone who simply can't sing.
  • 5.9% Jason Joel Smith. A recovering alcoholic 'suddenly' discovered that he can sing about 2 weeks ago. Just in time for the American Idol tryouts. He sang Papa Was a Rolling Stone in 6 different voices. Yikes!
  • They have already identified the next William Hung in Mary Roach. She is so confident, she even has her star name picked out, Mary Guilbeaux. But I think she's more similar to our own little Miss Thalia (she was a bit wacko!) Mary even admits that she can hear voices in her head and even quoted some of them to the judges!

    For those who's wondering who the hell is Thalia, let's refresh our bittersweet memory of Miss Thalia shall we...
    Thalia, the Sour Loser
    Thalia, the Super Sour Loser (the owner's words, not mine)

Sigh... That was a good 2 hour of tv. Complete with laugher, tears of joy, tears of despair and a bucketful of shocked expressions by Paula Abdul. I love watching the auditions episodes. I think they are the highlight of any talent search shows. And good ol' Star World is showing the audition episodes every day! Yippee! More fun coming up.

So, what about The Amazing Race and CSI? I can just catch the reruns this Sunday.

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