Monday, January 10, 2005

Starting to get the hang of this

It's been one month and I find that I really enjoy blogging. I've discovered blogging about a year ago but never wanted to jump in because I knew that it would take a lot of stamina to keep it updated. I mean, what's the use of signing up for this thing if you're not going to use it. It would be an awful waste of cyberspace, if I may borrow Carl Sagan's words.

The desire to have one propped up again when a friend promoted her blog. It so happens that a week before I sign up for a broadband connection at my house, and since I just finished my degree, I find that I have a lot of time on my hands. Another reason was I promised myself that I would write everyday if I'm seriously thinking of becoming a writer, if at least in some parallel universe. I took out my old journal and even wrote a pageful of promises. Long story short, that didn't work out. But after I got my own blog I'm proud to say that I've been writing (or typing) almost everyday. Does it do any good in terms of my writing? I don't know. But I find myself being more focused and observant. I always find myself drinking in the environment and constantly looking for things to write about. I guess it helps if you feel that someone would be reading your blog instead of writing in a journal with yourself as the one and only reader.

A part of the joys of blogging is also the chance to read other ppl's blogs. There's nothing better than to read on other ppl's lives, that actually exists and laugh at their funny stories and cry when their down. It's like you're taking a break from fiction and jump into reality. I know they are billions of blogs out there which makes it difficult to sift out the good ones so I've decided to concentrate on Malaysian blogs first and I was not dissapointed. There are so many Malaysians out there who has quality blogs that makes interesting reads. The topics varies from a simple everyday journal to the zany and crazy lifestyles of the young (and not so young) and the restless. Here are some that I've discovered and eventually linked under "Made in Malaysia":-

Along's Blog - opinionated mother of two, her blogs are mostly how her day fares and how grateful she is to have a wonderful family plus some crazy dreams she's been having. It's nice to read something positive once in a while and her blogs are very, very interesting.... okay... I'll say it, she's a friend orait?

Osman Sany - designed his own website. I would feel like a true voyeur reading his entries with the reports of his daily life and all the pictures that he put up. Anyway, from his website I can say that he's an in and out nice guy. And it helps that he's cute too

The Clouded Moon - aka The Visitor. I'm a fan of anything mysterious and avid fan of horror movies. So, we share that trait. He has collected many true ghost stories that I haven't had the chance to read yet.

The Roadie - I don't particularly approve of his lifestyle but that's his right. The thing is, his lifestyle is not uncommon in current times. But like I said in the disclaimer, his blog represent a part of what it's like to be Malaysian.

Gongkapas - aka Dina Zaman aka dz. I wish I can show her blog to all those who keep asking me the million dollar question and say, "Hey I'm not the oldest anak dara tua spinster around". Sorry Dina, I just have to say that. Hers is another example of intelligent writings by a female (apart from yours truly). And that some girls do think there's more to life than a love life. She already has a whole entourage of fans loyal to her blogs and I can see why. A lot of other bloggers has put up a link to her blog, so do I need to say more?

BinGregory - he's an American Muslim staying in Kuching. I've been looking for a balanced blog that is not too religious and his fits the bill. But his last entry was on Nov 22 so I don't want to link to something that's not updated. I hope he'll continue to blog soon.

Social Cafe - what can I say about this. This site has a bunch of contributors which I think are all males. I'm not sure about Pink Panties, sounds female but you'll never know. You want to know what guy talk is all about? Visit Social Cafe.

The Hustler - the runner-up for Best Malaysia Blog in the Asia Blog Award 2004, his blogs are mostly a collection of kinky but true stories that was told to him. These stories are really expose material, at times quite revealing and sad sometimes, but most of the time very funny. Discovered his blog earlier today and has been reading all his previous posts. But halfway through I have to stop because I'm getting cross-eyed and I can actually see my soul turning black (Muslims believe that with each sin you commit a black spot will tarnish your soul thus making it difficult for you to accept good things). But I'll come back though, I just got to, some of his stories are hilarious like this one - "Pub Chats - It's unbelieveable"

The Storyteller - The owner of this blog is the renowned director Yasmin Ahmad. Most ppl know her through a collection of Petronas ads like "Kepulangan" (A girl return to her kampung after many years of not talking to her mother) and the recent DeepaRaya ad where two childhood friends reunited by a simple song. I really admire this woman not just for her creativity but also for her courage to voice out her thoughts stand up for her art. I first know about her when she was a guest at Latte @ 8. She was talking about how she just made a film about an old couple which includes a scene of them taking a bath together, inspired by her own parents. You should've seen Lo's face when she said that.

Well, these are some of the good ones that I've found. I know there are lots more out there but then you know the saying, so many blogs so little time. And there are limits to how long my eye can take glued to the computer screen. I'm still looking for more Malaysian-made blog, especially those created by other races so as to make "Made in Malaysia" truly diversified. Well, I'm still a newbie but I'm starting to get the hang of this. I'm really grateful for the anonymity that blogging gives me. It's like keeping a private diary with public readers. Talk about paradox.

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