Monday, January 24, 2005

You have been eliminated from the race

Jonathan and Victoria is out of the race. No more screeching, no more bantering, no more accidental head bumps, no more pushing and shoving, no more "John! Help me! Aggggghhhhhhh....." Amazing Race 6 has lost its most entertaining team since the clown brothers.

I don't know, I feel that this season has lost its appeal with Jonathan & Victoria eliminated. I don't have a favourite team this season. All the teams that I've been rooting for are all out. So nothing left to do but look forward to the next dramatic sequence starring these two misfits. I was actually anxious when they were close to being eliminated last week.

At first I was appalled with the cockiness of Jonathan and the verbal abuse that Victoria has to go through. On top of that she even has to endure physical abuse with Jon's ungentlemanly and insensitive ways throughout the race. Her head was bumped at the hood of a car when Jon tried to close it and was once shoved until she fell on the curb.

Surprisingly, I actually noticed that he became a bit mellowed after the shoving episode. Found out from an article in the internet that he was actually approached by the producers regarding his behaviour. He still yells from time to time but no more pushing and shoving and bumps on the head. He's also more encauraging towards Victoria with no appreciation from her part.

When Jon becomes less abusive and cocky, I began to notice that Victoria has become more whiny and sissy. Latest example, in Mud the Hut detour, she suddenly screamed like no tomorrow while holding her hand. She even alarmed the few locals who were watching and Kendra who got so freaked out that John is not helping her. Luckily the locals were quick to offer a bucket of water to wash her hands. Turns out she suffered a minor cut on her finger. Sheesh. I thought her whole hand has fallen of. She recovered to become the hero when she said, "I'm not going to be eliminated because my fingers hurt." Well, it doesn't take a cut finger to take you out but not reading the clues properly does. They messed it up by taking the long way round to get to the donkeys and bringing one donkey instead of 2 to the church. I told you Amazing Race contestants are stupid.

So now maybe I'll just keep my eye out for Adam & Rebecca, the couple that proves opposites do not attract. They are described as formerly dating but Rebecca keeps trying to break up in every show. Hello? I thought you're not dating anymore, so what gives? But I do agree that these two do not belong together. She is such a strong individual but he is just a "wussy-boy" with a weird hairdo.

But the team that I'll be rooting for woud be Kris & Jon. They are the couple that have the least fights and still gets to get a good laugh once in a while. They enjoy every place they've been to even the African ghetto Goree Island, Senegal. And I can see that Kris is a very positive person and never stingy with her sweet smiles. Jon is really lucky and thank god he knows it. They're dating long distance which I heard is very hard to do but I wish them all the best in and outside the race. Cheers.


Jordan F. MacVay said...

I don't know if I can say I hate anyone, really. But in a benign sort of way, I HATED those two. I spent every episode hoping they'd lose, and now I also find myself wishing they hadn't been eliminated. It would have been more satisfying to have them make it to the final two teams, THEN lose. Still, part of me is glad I won'tr have to hear his beliegerence and her whining anymore.

Maldini said...

I like Kris and Jon too. I also like Freddy and Kendra and Lena and Kristy. All are pretty faces though.