Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Should I care?

Like I mentioned before, I went out with a couple of friends from my old workplace. One of them still works in the same office as my ex-boyfriend who just got married recently. If you're a bit confused, yes I dated a guy from the same company but from a different department. She went to his wedding so of course I asked all the neceessary questions any jilted girlfriends would ask like who he's married to, how he met her, bla bla bla... and she (SS) was happy to provide the information.

And the first thing she said was...
"She's fat"
"Wait a minute. You mean fat fat or just chubby fat?"
"She's... fat. Totally not someone we thought he would end up with."

That conversation may not sound right but you have to know him to understand. For one thing he's short, for a guy, and when I was with him he works out a lot. He jogs, he goes to the company gym, he joined most of the sporting activities organized by the company. All in all, not a bad-looking dude. From what I heard from SS and from all the stories that he told me, he has his share of girls chasing around his skirt, or maybe I should say pants.

So it was quite a surprise for his friends, and me, that he end up marrying a girl like that. I mean, since he dropped me so easily I would have imagined him to hook up with some hot chick. But yet he didn't. Well, she could be pretty. I didn't ask SS whether she's pretty or not. Fat girls can be pretty. She could be succesful. She's a dentist for the government. Maybe that's why he's attracted to her. But then, SS thinks that he's not really in love with her. But that's only her point of view.

But then, another weird thing about this marriage is that his friends didn't know much about the girl. You know... if you have someone you would bring her/him to weddings, open houses, hanging out sessions, whatever. But it seems that his gang didn't see much of her before the wedding.

According to SS, they were introduced by a friend. They got together for about a year and got married some time in April. He's now living with her in Seremban where she works. Can you imagine, commuting Seremban-KL everyday? Well, I guess that's what you call love. The wife is relocating to Senawang, which is further than Seremban. So she doesn't know what will happen then.

SS told me that he had some pretty tough time. His mother passed away about 2 years ago and his father got married again. He was quite dejected by this. He wished his father could at least wait a little longer. He didn't, he remarried within the same year.

Hearing all this makes me feel really sorry for him. I feel sorry that we were not together when all this happened. I feel sad that we were not 'friends' like we were supposed to be. I hope that he didn't go through that alone. And I do hope that he married for love and not because at his age he thinks he's supposed to be married.

He's not that old anyway. He's 31 this year, which I think is still fine for a guy to be single. I'm afraid that with all his friends getting married one after another he didn't want to be left behind. I'm afraid that he would think since both his younger brothers are married, it would be funny that he's still not. And he is the kind of guy who could think that way. God forbids that he has a 'deadline'.

I don't know how I should feel about this. But then, why should I be concerned? He has made his choice and I wish him all the happiness in the world. I only heard the story from one point of view anyway. For all I know, he could be ecstatically happy right now.

But I'm okay. It's not like he was such a big loss for me. I didn't have any feelings for him anyway. All I remembered was that we went out a few times and all of a sudden he was talking about marriage. I said that I don't know him that well and he said okay... yadayadayada... went out a few more times... a bit quiet for a while ... and suddenly, I got this SMS saying he wants us to be friends "So what the hell have we been doing all this time?" I answered back, NOT in those exact words. Tried calling him didn't pick up, SMS him to meet he didn't want to. So I thought, what the hell. He can go $#%& himself if he thinks that way.

Anyway, SS got some photos from the wedding. I think I'll wait until I see the photos before I say anything more.

Happy Merdeka!!!!

(If you're wondering why I didn't blog in Malay since it's 31st August when you read this, I started this post at 11:27 on 30th so this one doesn't count. But... saya berikrar akan berbelog dalam BM pada malam ini. Tapi tak tau la nak cakap pasal apa... hari special kena la belog special sikit.)

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