Friday, August 19, 2005

Tak sesuai!

Me and traffic in KL clearly do not go together.

After 4 years of driving I find that whenever there is a massive jam anywhere in KL - I'll be right in the middle of it.

I tried doing the dodging thing. Taking another route when I see the tail of a possible traffic jam up ahead. But I'll just end up in another traffic jam that is even worse than the one I tried to dodge.

It doesn't help when all the radio stations are sooooo God-damn BORING...
I have 6 pre-programmed channels in my car and whenever I need it the most they would either talk about some boring topic, put on 27 ads back to back, play some stupid game, or put on a boring song that I just heard 15 minutes ago at another station. These boring topics range from would you spend RM35 for underwear to a 15-minute discussion of P Diddy changing his name to Diddy (like we care), from have you lied to your boss to God forbids, traffic courtesy among Malaysians. I swear to God at one time when I was station surfing, NO song was playing at any of the 6 stations I programmed. And let me name these 6 stations so you can see/hear for yourself what I have to put up with. They are, in order of the button from left to right... Mix fm Traxx ( formerly known as Radio 4) Red 104.9 Era Fly fm

I also got a question for you, has caught a remix bug lately? Why do they like to do a remix to a perfectly good song?


It's even worst if they remix a song that I already hate.

But recently we have 95.8 Fly fm added to our list of radio stations. They boast of playing 50 minutes of music every hour non-stop and have a wider range of music. But after a few weeks of listening I feel that they're just like the rest of them. And 'non-stop' is such an over-rated word. Of course there would be the occasional "95.8 Fly fm, we play 50 minutes of non-stop music."
Well, you're stopping now aren't you! Now play some God-damn decent music for a change!!!

But I did learn a lesson today - bring your CD player when you work in the morning shift.

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