Wednesday, August 10, 2005

What have I done?

So I went and paid someone to...
and then I paid my bills and I'm off to the

I decided to see Fantastic 4 before it has run its course. At first I thought why can't I just wait for it to go on Astro? And then I saw the huge screen and the huge WB sign... ahhh... favourite.

Being a weekday and considering that this is an old movie, the cinema was empty. I sat in the second last row just to see what it feels like since I never get to sit in those places before. There was a man and his two kids in front of me and I thought, how cute! I remember a time when I brought my nephews and nieces to the movies and it was fun especially when you do it voluntarily. But that emotion doesn't last.

10 minutes into the movie the kids started to bounce up and down and asking their father questions like they were in a concert i.e. very loudly.
"Bapak, apasal dia pengsan?" [Dad why is she unconscious?]
"Apasal dia buang bunga tu?" [Why did he throw away the flower?]
"Apasal dia gaduh?" [Why are they fighting?]
"Apasal dia pakai baju biru?" [Why are they wearing blue?]
"Siapa jahit baju diaorang? Nak tempah satu la." [Who made their clothes. I want one too]

Okay the last 2 questions were pigments of my pissed-off imagination. But still....

It doesn't help that at the same time the lady behind me answered her phone and has a nice little chat as if she was the only person inside the cinema i.e. very loudly.

Back to the dad and his 2 kids. At one time they stopped bouncing up and down but then they began to play CSI and inspected the seats, the carpeting, and the floor lights. Which is fine.They were quiet for a while. And then the questioning starts again and they also starts to discuss the movie.

They were so annoying and distracting and I swear to God the only time they will sit on their bottoms is when something is exploding or when someone's getting killed.

I don't blame the dad however. To give him props he did try to quieten them, many times. But they're just not the type, you know what I mean. It looks as if this is the first time they've been to a cinema. If it was, I can understand their behavior but if it wasn't, man that dad has a big problem. But honestly I think the dad would be better of paying RM5 for a VCD (hehe.. pirates...parents' best friend). What a waste of 10 bucks and the kids never really watched the movie. They never really heat up the seat either.

I survived the 2 hour ordeal and Fantastic 4 was quite enjoyable. But afterwards I thought, ehh I should have wait for Astro.

A word of advice for parents: do take your kids to movies once in a while, so that they won't be like a monkey with a flower (seperti monyet dengan bunga). Don't understand that? Look it up.

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