Monday, February 14, 2005

Disinformation dissemination

Do you know that you have to change your IC after you turned 18?
Well I don't. So now I have to pay RM70 for fines.
The officer also told me that we are suppose to change them AGAIN when we turn 25! What the hell was that about??? So now do we have to change our IC every three freakin' years?!?
I didn't know, I told her. Well we annouced it in the papers, she said.
But my parents didn't tell me about his, none of my family members told me about this, none of my friends told me about this, none of my colleaques told me about this, even the government officers who were organizing my transfer to US never told me about THIS! Apparently I'm not the only one. The guy next to me also has to pay the fines. So you tell me, who's fault is it that we didn't know about this??? God! It's like they always find new ways to squeeze more money from you.
I'm pissed. I tried to look good for my picture but I just can't. You want to know which one is me? I'm the one with the pissed-off look on my IC.
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